Bermies Discounts


Summer is already here and everyone is looking for the perfect outfits to wear during those summer vacation days. However, people are not only looking for the best outfits, but for the best prices as well. With that, this season has come with 
Bermies discounts for everyone. 

There are many discounts in swim trunks and more, and you will be able to find that just in Bermies. Although, our discounts are more remarkable than others in various aspects, since we provide stylish clothes for good prices… but let’s explain a little bit more about this!


Swim trunks are an indispensable piece of garment for men during the summer season, and with our discount of 20 percent you can purchase some of the most stylish swim trunks that we have available. 

Such as the Navy and Blue, Flamazing, Green Flamingo, Bahamas, Marlins, among others designs. And, if you buy five pairs of swim trunks, you will be only paying for four. That is, without any doubts, an amazing opportunity to take!

You need to take into account that our swim trunks are made from eco-friendly, UPF 50+, quick-drying and ultra stretchy materials, so, in a few words, they are made to last and withstand any water activity.

These swim trunks come with Bermies discounts and they will also turn you in a sensational figure. So, you get two prizes for the price of one!


Our matching outfits also come with a 20 percent discount! So, if you want to match your clothes with your friends, son, daughter or your special love, you can acquire some of the styles of clothes we have available to match. 

By doing it, you will spend some special vacation days with your family and friends, and you will create memories that will last forever!


With a 20 percent discount we also have shirts, t-shirts, swimwear and other pieces of garment that are stylish and represent everything we offer at Bermies. They are made with special materials that are eco-friendly and protect your body in a good way. So, they are helpful both for the environment and for your wallet.

That being said, a Bermies discount of 20 percent for everything we offer is a rather nice opportunity for you to renew the wardrobe. Take these discounts before you go to your destination and start with your vacation days for this summer.

Good discounts and stylish clothes, what else do you need? Well, now you just need to hit the road and start with your vacation. 

This is our way of ensuring that our customers have an outstanding experience during this summer season. We know that many of you will order your pieces of Bermies as soon as you can.

So, come and take advantage of the Bermies discounts we have available for you. That way you can enjoy your summer days at your fullest with the great style that only our clothes provide.

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