Swim in style with the best women’s swim shorts from Bermies

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Do you need the perfect woman's swim shorts for the pool or the beach? Swimwear  fashion is always a question mark about how to coin a great beach look while remaining in line with beach fashion. But, not anymore! 


By choosing a swimsuit style that emphasizes and enhances your best features, you will look and feel your best. Choose a bathing suit that will give you the support you need in a style that complements your body type. Bermies has women's bathing suits tailored to your figure, whether you want slimming or toning effects.


To decide what to wear to the beach, you first need to determine the occasion. For example, you wouldn't wear the same casual dress to your normal beach day at a company event held at a beach resort. Bringing your personality to your attire, dressing appropriately for the occasion and looking stylish and respectable is the essence of perfect fashion.


There are many types of swimwear that you can choose from, such as classic beach looks, boho, sexy or conservative beach dresses, party or casual beachwear, etc. You only need to match your style with your personality.


Fashion at the beach isn't just limited to bikinis and dresses. Beach clothing can be selected from other outfit categories, too. There are several other apparel like women shorts, women swim shorts with liner, women shirts, women swim trunks and many more. These all beachwear can be worn on the beach, and that match your personality.


During a hot summer day, going to the beach is the perfect way to relax. Many beach outfit ideas are easy to put together and are perfect for any outing. 


Bermies Swimwear prioritizes quality above everything else, so we only use the highest quality materials and American made craftsmanship.

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These tips will help any woman learn how to dress for the beach.


  • Choosing comfortable swimwear that makes you feel confident is important when you plan a beach outing. A confident appearance enhances any attire. For example, consider a one-piece option if you feel more confident in a scanty bikini. 
  • Remember to wear a hat at the beach as well. In addition to protecting your face from sunburns, it also gives you an outstanding appearance. Add some pretty charms or ribbons to your hat if you feel that it is too simple. Accessorize with accessories that contrast with the hat or match the casual beachwear.
  • Although sunglasses can only protect your eyes, a sunburned face might make you regret not investing in a good hat.


Bermies, women shorts, and women swim trunks are made from 90% recycled polyester and 10% lycra, so they are incredibly comfortable, stretchy, breathable, fast-drying, and most importantly, fast-drying. We also offer high-quality mesh liners that assure you won't get rashes or wedgies with our trunks.


Bermies provide not only quality and style, but also comfort and affordability at great price.