What are volley shorts?

Volley shorts are the combination between boardshorts and swim trunks (a good-looking hybrid we can say). These shorts are the perfect choice for those people who likes to show their legs.

Volley shorts are so versatile that can be worn as swim trunks and for gym exercises routine. That is why they are gained the attention with the past o the time, specially from the women.

The fact is that volley shorts offers freedom of movement and freshness, specially during hot days of summer season.

Stay with us to find out all that you need about these shorts to renew your summer wardrove.


Volley Shorts are vesatile


What is the inseam of volley shorts for women?

The main feature that you will notice about volley shorts is that they are shorter than traditional swim shorts. The typical inseam expected in a swim short starts at 4 inches, however, volley shorts are made with 2 inches inseam.

This is something that you have to consider when you buy one of these shorts. They are design thinking in functionality, allowing you to move freely while you are on the beach or playing a volley match. These shorts are so flexible and practical that they are used for gym routine.

Thanks to their resistance, volley shorts can last on time and you will be able to do any activity that you want while feel fresh and free to move around.

Find the perfect color and show off your legs this summer!


When to wear volley shorts?

When summers season comes, there is practically no limit for wear volley shorts. Of course, the first thing that comes in mind is for sport and fitness, which is the main porpoise of these shorts.

Another common use for volley shorts is like swim trunks. Due to its quick drying fabric and the comfort that they provide, these shorts are used for women that don’t want to wear a bikini bottom.

The 2 inches inseam are long enough to cover the private parts and short enough to show the legs, which is a perfect combination.

Many women also use these shorts in casual outfits with a t-shirt, on the other hand many other women use these shorts for being at home specially during hot summer days. The freshness with make you feel comfortable all the time.

As you can see there are many ways on what you can wear a volley short this summer.


Volley shorts to wear at the beach on summer


 The popularity of volley shorts

The increasing popularity of volley shorts can be attributed to several factors. The first one is the versatility that these shorts have. Which make them suitable for a lot of activities, such as swimming, beach sports, gym exercises, or even casual everyday wear.

As second factor we have the comfort and freedom of movement that these shorts can offer. They are the preferred choice for people who prioritize both style and functionality.

Last but not least, the resurgence of retro fashion trends has also played a significant role in the popularity of volley shorts. Due to their classic and timeless aesthetic aligns perfectly with current fashion preferences


So now you know, this summer season is the perfect time to update your wardrove and get your new volley shorts from Bermies.




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