What's the inseam length?


On shorts, the inseam is the measure from the crotch of the inner side of the short to the end side of the leg. For example, when you find a 5 inches inseam, it means that from the crotch of the short to the end of the leg, it is 5 inches long, always keeping the measure from the inner side of the short.

When it comes the time to buy a short, this info is very important to know; because that way you will be able to choose the best short that goes with your personality. You will be able to show your legs and let everyone know that you exercise a lot and your legs are one of the parts of your body you like the most.


Different inseam lengths

At Bermies we have several sizes and lengths for inseam shorts and, which can adjust to the preferences of everyone, so, in the next table we can show you the resume of the inseams available for you: 


The Short Swim Trunk

The Short Swim Trunk

Classic Swim Trunk

Classic Swim Trunk

The Long Swim Trunk


3.5 inches

4.5 inches

5 inches

6 inches

7 inches


S & M

L & XL

S & M

L & XL

S, M, L & XL


As you can see, here at Bermies you will find the size that you are looking for, which means, you will be able to show your legs and look amazing this summer at the beach! 

The shorts are so versatile that you can even use them both for the beach and to do exercise. 

Compare our sizes

You have to compare the sizes before buying a short or swim trunks, remember that the inseam is also associated with the body, your tall will be a big factor to select the proper item for you, so the best recommendation we can give you is to compare different sizes before buying a short. 

It is a common mistake to buy a short or swim trunk based on the size without compare with other item, and when it comes the time to wear the piece it doesn’t look good, either because is too a small which is uncomfortable or is too big and it looks loose on your body, so this reason is always wise to compare before you buy. 

The Short Swim Trunk


The Classic Swim Trunk



Always combine with your preferences 

Keep in mind that the main reason for wearing shorts is to be comfortable and fashionable all the time, so the key for this is to select the proper short based on your likes. 

Normally a 4- 5 inches inseam fits everyone who wants to show the legs on the beach, and for those more daring we have the 3-4 inches inseam that way they will be able to show the leg from top to bottom in all detail. 

On the other side we have 5-6 inches inseam, which is one of the most used models, because this covers right before the knee, and many men are comfortable with this size because they can even do jogging around their houses with it. 

And last but not least, we have the 7 inches inseam, which are used for tall people or surfing guys, most of the time, but this is a great combination for the beach and to wear at home. 

Come with us and find the perfect piece for you this summer, remember that on the beach you can look amazing as well with our swim trunks and shorts! 



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