What's Bermies Story?


The passion for fashion and the rugby vibe were the driving forces behind the creation of the Bermies swimsuit line, which is a trend throughout the American coast. The genius behind this incredible idea is Uki Deane, son of the famous former Argentine model Mónica de Álzaga. Uki confesses that his inspiration and creativity in the world of fashion come from the artistic side of his mother, and the talent in business comes from the side of his father.

This young entrepreneur was so bored with his job in a financial company in Argentina that in 2015 decides to quit. After that he goes into the water with the creation of the Bermies swimsuit brand, investing either his talent and all his savings in the launch of the project in the USA.

At first, Uki's entrepreneurial idea was the sale of water mats, but he realized before starting that it was not a sustainable project, since the cost of the shipping was higher than the cost of the product itself. This led him to think that if this project didn't work, he had to go back to the office, and that was when he decided to promote his project with a swimwear brand.

Bermies Bermuda inspiration


Bermuda inspires us

The beautiful Bermuda’s islands located at the North Atlantic Ocean archipelago off shore the East Coast of the United States, It's warm and crystalline waters as well as pink sand beaches.

Typical subtropical weather on these islands allows for outdoor activities all year round. There is no better place to relax and enjoy incredible adventures in the company of family and friends.

From the incredible beauty of these beaches comes the inspiration for the name of this brand: Bermies. The sun, the weather and the sea gave rise to the launch of this brand where each swimsuit made is friendly as the environment and its conservation.

The Bermies models are manufactured with eight recycled plastic bottles, which are decomposed to assemble polyester strips. It is worth noting that a percentage of profits obtained by the brand is destined to the cleaning projects of the oceans. 

Uki Deane is an Argentine boy with great enthusiasm and a lot of energy, arrived with a truck full of bathing suits and began to sell them in the garden of an aunt's house in the United States. The effect was immediate and these models, colors and designs inspired by tropics, adventure and fun took over the beaches.

Bermies on Shark Tank

Have you heard about the TV show named “Shark Tank''? Well, Uki Deane and Bermies were there; it was a great presentation and the comments from the sharks were very receptive. 

Despite that at the end a deal was not achieved, this chapter was a big example that with the energy and the proper focus you can create something incredible when you believe in yourself. And that is what Uki is doing with Bermies, a brand that at the end was not so much known on the market, but from the bottom is surging to take a proper place in summer as one of the best references of swimsuits in America.