What size swim trunks should I buy?

The most important thing and what we all look for when choosing a swim trunk is to feel comfortable. However, we also look for something that favors us, something beautiful and stylish. Therefore, we must know how to choose very well the type of swim trunk that suits our silhouette and needs.


When you want to choose the size of the swim trunk, you have to take into account different factors, such as the cut of the swimsuit, the size of the waist, the length of the leg, the elasticity of the fabric and the method of tying.

Next, we will explain each of these factors in detail:


1. Swim trunk cut

There is a wide variety of models of swim trunks for men, among them we can find briefs, which are recommended for athletes because they have little fabric and are light; the boxer design, which normally favors thin and tall people, highlighting the shape of the body.

There is also the Bermuda model, which allows you to go unnoticed and is suitable for all types of people. And finally, the short model is a reduced adaptation of the shorts, they are the most comfortable and they can adapt to anybody.

All of these models vary in size and fabric, and their selection also depends on the activity you do, whether it's just resting or playing sports.

2. Waist width

However, when choosing any of these models you must verify the size of the waist and the length that you want. In order to determine the measurement that corresponds to the waist, you must first find the natural line of it, leaning slightly to one side. 

Then, standing straight, measure one inch below the natural line to determine the appropriate size of the swimsuit.

Normally the sizes of swimsuits are usually identified by the letters S, M, L, XL and XXL. If you do not know the size, it is a matter of trying the different sizes until you find the right one.

3. Swimsuit Length

There are two significant measurements that include swim trunk length, which is the inside crotch length and the outside seam length. Its values ​​depend on how long you want it and how much freedom you need in your movements.

Some people choose it based on aesthetics and others prioritize comfort. The important thing is that we feel comfortable with ourselves.


4. Swimsuit fabric

With the exception of shorts, swim trunks are designed with fabrics suitable for use at the beach, pool or river. The most common is that the material used for swim trunks is polyester and elastane. They are quick-drying, comfortable and the most important thing is that they adapt to our body, as long as we choose the right size.

Bermuda shorts, on the other hand, tend to be uncomfortable because they are not made of polyester and elastane. They become heavy when they are wet and, due to their length, they can restrict some movements.

5. Adjustment method

Although each person chooses the swim trunk size that corresponds to them, most swim trunks give you the option to tighten or lighten the fit of the waist.

Since an elastic and a cord around it are incorporated so that you can place it to the extent you want and feel more comfortable.

Now, the selection of the size of your swim trunk is according to your tastes and the summer plan that you have. And it is always advisable to measure the garment before buying it. 

The main idea is that you enjoy the season to the fullest, without having any conditions or limitations.