Pineapple juice Cocktail Ideas



Among the fruit juices that make a perfect cocktail, pineapple juice still remains as one of the favorite ones, since its tropical flavor gives a delicious touch when we add it to drinks! 

Nowadays there are over 200 pineapple juice cocktail recipes, and after tasting some of them, we’ve come to love the fruity essence that only pineapple juice can add to a drink! 

We can try out many alternatives to use this ingredient in drinks and create the perfect cocktail! Some of these ways are more known than others, such as the famous Piña Colada, but life’s too short to just stay around with one cocktail.

We can learn different and, of course, delicious ideas to take out the whole potential of pineapple juice, so, right now we’ll give you 10 ideas for making pineapple juice cocktails.

Let’s mix it up!



The best 10 cocktails we recommend! 

  • Classic Piña Colada: a drink that even has its own catchy song! A Classic Piña Colada is by far one of the most famous pineapple juice cocktails, and probably the first one we think of when we talk about cocktails. Being made with pineapple juice, aged rum and coconut cream, the sophisticated and intriguing flavor of this drink will easily become your number one.

  • Bahama Mama: this is a great tropical cocktail to make with pineapple juice, by mixing it with two bold rums with coffee and coconut liqueurs, this drink will make you ready for an awesome beach day!

  • Painkiller: there’re many ways of making a delicious painkiller, but the simple and special recipe of navy or dark rum, cream of coconut, orange juice, and pineapple juice will blow your mind! 

  • Pineapple Mojito: What’s better than a cold and refreshing mojito? Well, that’s indeed a mojito with some pineapple juice on it! By adding some drops of pineapple juice to this famous rum cocktail, you'll be giving it a delicious twist.

  • Pineapple Tequila: You just need to take a taste of pineapple tequila to fly high in the sky (metaphorical, of course). The pineapple tequila is a recipe that you’ll simply love, since it’s a simplified pineapple margarita that's served tall and requires the ingredients of tequila. Sounds good, tastes amazing!

  • French Martini: either with gin or vodka, this cocktail provides you a shining combination between the sweet black raspberry flavor of Chambord and the juicy taste of pineapple. It’s a star on the modern martini menu, so, go and have a firmament of stars in your mouth with its flavor!

  • Algoquin Cocktail: for those people who prefer a whiskey touch, then an Algonquin cocktail is what you’re looking for. This cocktail mixes dry vermouth with pineapple, offering your taste buds a sweet-dry flavor that's very delightful. It’s always a good time for a drink of this level!

  • Flirtini: this martini is filled with the tropical taste of pineapple. For the flirtini, you'll need to shake fresh pineapple juice with vodka, and orange liqueur, adding some slices of fresh pineapple, as well. To make it even better, you can add some sparkle from Champagne in the glass.

  • Hawaiian Margarita: a great beach day comes to our mind when we hear the name of Hawaiian Margarita. Naturally, pineapple will have an important role to play in a margarita. In the case of a Hawaiian margarita, the contrast between fresh pineapple and strawberries create this outstanding blended cocktail. Add a little tequila to make it better.

  • Pearl Harbor: many people love a cold and delicious Pearl Harbor, and it's also ideal for a happy hour. By mixing melon liqueur and pineapple juice, you can create this casual vodka highball, with a great color and a fruity taste. You’ll need another one after the first is over!



In this summer there is no better time to try these cocktails and to combine the drink with a Bermies shorts and swim trunks with pineapple design to let you know to everyone your love for this fruit.

Combine these outfit ideas with the pineapple juice cocktails, it will be amazing for you and for your sunny days at the beach!