Learn about the different types of mesh lining fabrics.

There are different meshes models, which are used to make mesh linings for swimsuits and that will determine their use depending on the piece to be manufactured. 

In the case of swimsuits, a good mesh lining fabric is almost as important as the swimsuit fabric itself, since it is what will determine how comfortable you feel when wearing it. 

For this type of item, the people always prefer those pieces that can provide resistance, elasticity, and softness, but given the variety that exists, we invite you to continue reading to learn a little more about the different types of mesh lining fabrics that exist.

Mesh lining

6 to 16 holes per inch. 

This kind of fabric was and still is one of the most used previously for the manufacture of mesh linings. The common material used at the beginning of the manufacturing of the first swimsuits models was cotton and other natural fibers, but they were not as efficient as expected. 

Despite the fact that the mesh fabric allows greater air circulation in the area, the result was a much heavier piece when getting wet and by being made of cotton has greater absorption and this delayed the drying process

However, the mesh lining with holes was the best idea to provide comfort for people. Naturally, the next step was to find some material that can provide easy manufacturing and fast drying. At this point is when many companies decide to use materials such as nylon and polyester, which can provide a faster dry and best comfort. 

Mesh lining swim trunks


Polyester and Nylon

Currently, mesh linings are mostly made of polyester and nylon. Polyester offers resistance and elasticity, allows moisture produced by physical activity to escape, thanks to this property, there is greater breathability and at the same time provides faster drying. It also offers a high capacity to conform to the figure avoiding injuries between the skin and the fabric of the swimsuit.

Polyamide is a synthetic material widely used in the textile industry. The most used form of this polyamide is Nylon, which provides similar benefits on swimsuits to those made of polyester.

When referring to the production of mesh linings for swimwear, this material is one of the best options due to its high plasticity and resistance. These materials offer greater functional and aesthetic benefits in the development of mesh for beachwear, which is an advantage now that summer is here.

Swim trunk with mesh lining


Eco-friendly mesh lining by Bermies

At Bermies we offer you many models of swimsuits with mesh lining, however, you have to know that we care about the environment, and that is why we manufacture our swimsuits with recycled plastic bottles, which of course include the manufacturing of mesh lining as well. which means that when others have to buy and create new nylon and plastic to create a single swimsuit piece at Bermies we recycle and bring you a new and unique piece, that will represent your style and personality.

When it comes the time to choose your favorite swimsuit, it would be useful to consider what the mesh lining fabric is made of, although it may not seem like a big deal, it can ruin the whole experience of going to the beach. Always look for fabrics that provide you with the greatest support and comfort so that you can enjoy your summer feeling free without forgetting to choose a fashionable design that suits your tastes.