Do you know the difference between inseam and outseam?

Swim trunks are the most excellent clothing pieces to go to the beach, sunbathe and enjoy summer days and rest.  However, there are certain differences between the measurements of a swim trunk that you should know to choose the one that fully shows your style and at the same time flatters your figure.  When we talk about inseam and outseam, we refer to terms used in sewing and tailoring to measure garments, mainly shorts or swim trunks.

The seam refers to the union between two or more folds of fabric, or other materials that are joined by stitches. Nowadays, the manufacture of most of the different garments is carried out with industrial machines.

Then, the inseam corresponds to the inside measurement that goes from the center of the crotch to the hem of the garment. On the other hand, the outseam represents the outside measurement that goes from the top of the garment's bra to the hem.



Inseam Measurement Features 

The inseam on a swimsuit represents the length of the internal sewing that should typically end approximately two to four inches above the top of the kneecap.  Basic styles have a 5-8 inch inseam.

By measuring the inseam we can ensure that the swimsuits have the perfect length.  The seam of the inseam is along the center of the crotch of the swimsuit, which means that you need to find the point where the seam at the crotch meets the seam that goes down the leg of the swimsuit.

Outseam Measurements Features

This measurement is represented by the outer seam, starting at the hip and ending at the bottom of the swimsuit. The length of the seam varies depending on the style chosen.

In order to measure the outer length in the short or swimsuit, we must take the measurement from the top of the bra to the bottom of the leg on the outside. In other words, this outer seam runs from the waist to the bottom of the swimsuit. 

Check the size and measurements of the garment  

By knowing a little more about these seam measurements in a swimsuit, we can choose the length that suits us best and allows us to be comfortable.  Enjoying days of adventure, sun, beach and summer, is more entertaining if we wear a swimsuit that gives us comfort and style.

In order to make a satisfactory purchase, it is necessary to check the sizes before purchasing a short or a swimsuit. Note that the crotch is also associated with the body.  And remember that height will be an important factor in selecting the right garment for you.

Most of the time, a 4-5 inch inseam fits different body types, resulting in a comfortable, classic fit for many.

If you want to look good, the most important thing that you should know is to wear clothes that show your personality and go with your style. Those are the best measures you can take, have fun and enjoy what you wear at all times.



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