Benefits of mesh liner in swim trunks


It’s common to find a mesh lining inside of swim trunks, since it has been part of its design for years. However, for many men this has always been a big annoyance when it comes to wearing swim trunks, due to the fact that it can be uncomfortable. 

This dislike for mesh liner has made more and more companies design new swim trunks without including it, and it’s impressive the amount of men who prefer to buy non-mesh liner swim trunks.

But some other companies prefer to go with the classic design, since there are still men out there who support mesh liners in swim trunks

This choosing between having mesh liner in swim trunks or not makes us think about two important questions: what is the purpose of this mesh or net lining inside your swim trunks? And, what are the benefits that they have? 



What exactly is a mesh liner?

Mesh is a material that allows the circulation of air to increase ventilation in order to cool down and get rid of sweat more quickly. The panels and lining are made of a knitted fabric so they provide good stretch and freedom of movement. The knit is open enough so air can circulate freely, cooling and carrying away moisture. 

But this is just the beginning, so now, if you want to know all about the purpose of mesh lining in swim trunks and why you should avoid cutting them out, you need to keep reading this.

One of the few reasons for why men’s swim trunks have a mesh lining inside is to protect the skin from getting chaffed.

This occurs when the shorts get wet; so the soft mesh lining protects the skin from getting any rash from the wet fabric. Which makes your time in the water more enjoyable and free of any sort of pain, as well as the time out of the water and in the process of drying. 

The net or mesh lining will keep you fresh in any outdoor activity.

Another benefit from wearing swim trunks with mesh lining is that it ensures a proper coverage, it doesn't matter if you are in water, in a mountain or jogging around your home. This avoids any uncomfortable moments because of an indecent exposure. Nobody wants to be showing more than what is needed! 

In other words, mesh swim trunks are your unspoken ally for any occasion. It's a blend of innovation and comfort, designed with your adventures in mind. As you stand at the edge of the world, know that your choice in swim trunks is as bold and unrestrained as your spirit.

On the other hand, some men who don’t like the feeling of the mesh liner tend to cut it down, but they don’t think about the issues that it can bring.

To solve the problem of swim trunks being too uncomfortable, there are also ultra-soft inner mesh liners in swim trunks. Which makes the wearing experience as comfy as possible. So there is no need to cut out your premium mesh. 

However, we understand if you don’t like how it feels, that’s totally okay, but in that case, it’s more recommended to go for non-mesh liner swim trunks. Like that you won’t have to cut it down and possibly ruin your swim trunks after you buy it, because that would be a pity!

Otherwise, embrace even more the use of mesh liners in your swim trunks, because now you know that they have important and indispensable benefits for men like you!