Why is important to use sustainable materials on swim trunks?

A feature we do not usually think of when we talk about swim trunks is the materials that are used to make them; however, this is something as important as the design and comfort of the piece we want to wear. 


We care about the oceans


Nowadays, sustainable materials are among the materials that are used to make swim trunks, and using them represents a good choice for creating the ideal garments that we need for a sunny day at the beach, since they bring a lot of benefits for you and for the environment, as well, and here we show you some of them!

Eco-Friendly Swim Trunks

Benefits from using sustainable materials on swim trunks.

  • Gives you an eco-friendly and supportive image towards the cause: by just wearing swim trunks made by sustainable materials, you will be showing your support towards green causes, and people around you might be inspired by the fact that you are fighting for a noble cause, and of course, your own values. You will not just wear stylish swim trunks, but meaningful ones. 

A little detail such as wearing eco-friendly swim trunks can give a powerful message and highlight your support towards the things you believe in, and like that, you’ll keep people you want to be surrounded by in the world you want to live in. 

  • Your decision as a customer has a great impact on manufacturers: since brands closely follow and pay attention to the demands that their customers have, they will provide an offer in order to fulfill those demands. When they see that their clients have a positive behavior towards a specific product, they look for alternatives to provide that need, and therefore, adapt the clothing manufacturers to the brand’s new requirements. 

This ensures an increase in the use and demand for regenerated fabric, more sustainable options for packaging and accessories, new working and environmental policies, etc. 

  • Sustainable swim trunks last longer: the high quality that sustainable swim trunks have is something that will be reflected over the years. This not only guarantees that the product looks, feels and fits better, but also that it will last way longer than any fast fashion garment. So, you will be wearing them for a long time!

  • Has a social impact: Buying sustainable swim trunks does not only mean that the product alone would be ethical, but also the process that is involved in the manufacturing of that product. This, of course, includes the conditions of the workers who put their effort in making the products, and if their wages are ideal for them. And it is important to mention that eco-friendly products are generally made by people working in more fair conditions, with good benefits and services, and this fact alone already has a social impact that makes it worth it.

  • Reduces the amount of waste produced: the sustainable swim trunks that will be manufactured under eco-friendly conditions comes from recycled materials, which are reused instead of ending up in landfills or in the ocean, contributing like that with putting more waste out there. 

This process of recycling those materials reduces the pollution in the environment and guarantees the constant manufacturing of swim trunks of higher quality. So, as long as we have swim trunks, we will stop hurting the environment!

Caring about the environment is a noble cause that will always bring benefits, since it does not only give the feeling of doing something significant, but provides a powerful message among people, that can lead to a constant path for improving our world.

So, go there and do something important for the world you live in, come to Bermies and buy sustainable swim trunks