How are sustainable swim trunks with mesh fabric made?

Over the years, fortunately, several companies have focused their efforts on the manufacture of sustainable products. The textile industry has also become more aware of this and from there the production of different swim trunks made from recycled materials has been promoted.

The most common material used to manufacture swim trunks is the mesh made of polyester and polyamide. These products are of synthetic origin, but over the years new techniques have been developed for their production, in which plastic waste is given a second useful life and it is transformed into raw material for different textiles.

Transforming bottles into swim trunks

Process of mesh manufacturing. 

  • First thing, the material is taken away from the oceans and garbage dumps, mostly plastic and waste of the same material to be made.
  • After the first step, the material collected is classified according to color, then is washed, and finally cut. All of this product goes through purification processes.
  • Then the material is grounded, melted and reformulated to obtain small chips.
  • These chips are melted again to be finally converted into recycled fibers.
  • This fiber or thread is used to manufacture the mesh fabric, which is inside the swim trunks.

From polyamide 

Polyamide is a product of synthetic origin widely used for the manufacture of Nylon-shaped fabrics, in particular mesh inside swim trunks. Its ecological production comes from reused waste, which means that we are talking about fibers made from nylon waste such as fishing nets, carpets, and even other polyamide garments.

The best benefits that can offer this process, is that it can be reused multiple times without affecting quality, helping to decrease virgin nylon production and reduce existing waste. In addition, its processing also reduces the release of gasses that contribute to the greenhouse effect.


From plastic bottles 

Plastic bottles are particularly good as raw material for the manufacture of fabric and mesh used on swim trunks, since there is an excessive amount in the form of waste in the environment, so reusing these plastic bottles for the production of textiles is an excellent way to prevent them from accumulating in landfills and oceans.

The ecological polyester uses the bottles as the main material for the production of the polyester fibers with which the mesh fabric used for swim trunks are made, this makes it a sustainable material and reduces the amount of plastic waste that pollutes much of our world.

An important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you buy a Bermies product, you are helping to save the world. 

Bermies products are made of 90% polyester and 10% lycra / spandex, these products come from an ecological origin obtained through the process described above where materials are reused and transformed into new products with added value. 

Besides, Bermies is so committed to the cause of cleaning the oceans that the percent of the profits is aimed to this end.

Sustainable Swim trunks


Be compromise with our planet 

Motivating the use of items whose manufacture limits and reduces the amount of waste is undoubtedly one of the measures we can adopt to help preserve the environment. 

It is very important to become aware of our actions and continue looking for ways to generate less waste and reuse what can be done to achieve real changes at a global level.

On the other hand, our swim trunks are so versatile that you can wear them for gym exercise routines, hiking, and even camping with your family and friends. Always keeping in mind the quality and fashion design aside for sustainability. 

This is why at Bermies we care about offering the best of both worlds: fashionable, fresh and comfortable bathing suits, bags and more, made with the highest quality that is eco-friendly and sustainable at the same time.