Performance shorts: The essential short with pockets for active men.

Performance shorts

With the arrival of the summer season has come the time to show the result of your body exercises at the beach, jogging or playing your favorite sport. Whatever the activity is, you need to wear the proper clothes for it, that is why Bermies brings you the best shorts collection to wear both at the beach and for doing exercises. 


We have different models for you to choose. These shorts are quite resistant and comfortable, once you wear the first pair of these performance shorts you will notice the difference and when you notice, you will be looking for another model for your personal collection. 


Our shorts are made of polyester and cotton which provide a durable short with enough strength to support any kind of use. At Bermies we are aware that when you are on the beach or doing exercises you haven’t many places to carry out with important things; such as the keys or cell phone, that is why our performance shorts are equipped with two side pockets and one back pocket with a zipper, that way you can walk with your things safe in your shorts. 

Performance shorts


Classic shorts and shorts swim trunks models 

There are many models that can adapt to any style. But by far the most wanted are the classic and swim trunks models, these can help you to express the feelings that you want to show to everyone. 


At one side we have our classic model made of 95% of cotton and 5% lycra, which means that these shorts are comfortable and breathable. Available in blue, khaki and navy colors which represent elegance and fashion at the same time. You can wear these shorts at the beach, for doing exercises or even for a casual party, they fit perfectly for any occasion. 


For those guys more daring and who like the mixing of color we have our swim trunks models. These are made of 90% recycled polyester and 10% lycra, which means, these shorts are dry fast, and comfortable. At this point you can select between the many prints we have available, such as stripes, banana, flamingo, avocado, American flag and more. You can even combine these shorts with a good-looking shirt and the eyes will be on you. 


Another point that is necessary considering wearing one of the swim trunks models is the inseam size, which can be from 3.5 inches to 7 inches depending on how much you want to show your legs. 


Our performance shorts are made thinking of you

When you find many advantages in one item, you always want to have it, because you know the benefits that you get. Whit that idea in mind we will show you the best you can get will our shorts models: 

Performance shorts


  • Fashion: starting with the obvious part, when you wear one of our shorts you can combine it with any shirt for a casual party and the short will fit easily with the attire. On the other hand if you are at the beach these shorts are perfect to show your confidence in your body and to enjoy a relaxing time. 
  • Size: there are many sizes available, so depending on how much of your legs you want to show, if you are proud of your legs, a 3.4 or 4 inches inseams will be perfect for you. 
  • Pockets: our shorts are equipped with two side pockets and one back pocket to help you carry your keys, phone, credit card or important things that you need to have with you but do not want to have them in your hands all the time. 
  • Material: Perhaps the most important point, our shorts are manufactured with the best materials to offer you a durable item that will be with you for a long time. 


Choose the perfect performance shorts that go with your aptitude and style!