Can you wear shorts for golf? Breaking the traditional dress code with performance shorts

Golf has always been associated with a particular dressing code, characterized by neat collared shirts, stylish long pants and clean shoes. However, as times change and golf evolves, there has been a growing debate about whether wearing performance shorts on the golf course is acceptable. 

To find the answer to that debate, stay with us and find out what type of shorts you can wear to play golf and where to find them. 


Modern and comfy performance golf shorts on the course


Golf traditional outfit and its evolution

Traditionally, golf has upheld a strict dress code to maintain a sense of decorum and respect for the game. However, with the sport becoming more inclusive and accessible, there has been a gradual shift towards a more relaxed approach to the outfit. 

Many golf clubs and courses have recognized the need to adapt to modern preferences, allowing players to wear performance shorts that are tasteful and appropriate.

The advantage of wearing shorts is mainly the comfort during a long game. Performance shorts provide a fresh sensation and help to improve the game thanks to their freedom of movement. 


How to choose the perfect golf shorts


How to choose the proper performance shorts

Nowadays there are a lot of performance shorts available for golfers. At this point many factors are relevant when it comes the time to choose the ideal short for you. 

One of these factors is the inseam, you can find inseams between 6.5 inches to 7.8 inches, so you can check your size and find the ideal fit for you and your style.

As you know, golf is a physically demanding sport, requiring players to walk long distances and endure various weather conditions. Wearing performance shorts allows a better airflow, keeping players cool and comfortable throughout their round. 

In other words, if you are comfortable you will be able to focus on the game and improve your performance without any distraction. So, if you feel comfortable with these shorts it is a good sign to get one. 

Movement is also another essential thing that you have to consider. Golf swings require a full range of motion, and performance shorts can provide greater flexibility compared to traditional pants. 

Unrestricted leg movement can enhance swing mechanics and contribute to a more fluid and powerful shot. Additionally, shorts can be advantageous for players who prefer to walk the course, as they offer ease of movement and reduce fatigue.

Do not forget the style and fashion, typically, traditional dress code of golf has often been associated with a conservative aesthetic. Allowing shorts on the course encourages individual expression and a more modern style of play. 

With that in mind you can find a performance short that combines your style and makes you look amazing when you are in the game. Take a look at our performance shorts collection and choose the winning pairs for you. 


Best Performance Golf Shorts


Changing trends and modern perspectives 

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in golfing outfit, with many clubs and golf courses adopting a more relaxed dress code. This change has been driven by various factors, including a desire to attract younger players and adapt to the evolving cultural norms.

As a result, more golf courses now permit performance shorts as part of their acceptable outfit. If you are in a golf club, be sure of following the guidelines dressing code to enjoy your game without any issue. 

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