What is fun about matching father and son swim trunks?

Nowadays, we find ourselves with a diversity of changes in life, like any society we must evolve and adapt in all the aspects. Fashion for the family is one of these aspects, and Bermies knows it. With that thinking in mind, we have for you the matching father and son swim trunks collection. So, you will be able to show the world the love for that little version of yourself. 

What better way of representing fashion, that going to the beach combined as dad and son wearing matching swim trunks, sounds fun right? Well it is! With these kinds of swim trunks, fashion and new trends alongside with you. When you want to get the eyes on you during a day on the beach, this is one of the best ways of enjoying the summer and vacations.

We are social beings and for that reason we have that of having a nice dress to impress everyone and wearing matching swim trunks with your son you’ll get that. While at the same time you teach your son the taste for looking good from a very young age. 

The best thing about combining the same swim trunk with your son is the fun that you’ll have with him and the unforgettable moments that you guys will share. 


Take the fun to the next level

Without any doubt wearing matching swim trunks will be fun for you and your son. This will be an interesting theme of conversation, for sure the people will ask you where you found such a funny combination. 

Look as the proudest father with your son and enjoy a sunny day with that special person that has become part of your world. Bermies has many options for you in swim trunks for the best combination, such as: avocado prints, flamingoes, pineapple, floral bayside, sharks and more. You just choose one and look amazing! 

In addition is it worth to highlight that when you buy one of our swim trunks you are also helping to keep the beach cleans. This is because our swim trunks are made of recycled plastic bottles. This way you are teaching your son the importance of caring for the planet. 

One collection that is causing a great impact is the color changing swim trunks. Imagine you and your kind in the beach or swimming pool with a swim trunk that can transform from blue to purple. This will be a lot of fun for you and everyone around you guys. 


The best ways to match your swim trunks

Matching swim trunks gives you fashion and style that you can share with the whole family. Combine and share the fun that can only be felt for father and son. Be sure that these moments will never be forgotten by any of you. When your son grows up you will remember the days when the kid dresses as dad. 

You can wear your swim trunks with a nice shirt during a sunny day and look amazing. This will show up matching with your kid. A single-color shirt with a color changing swim trunk is a nice combination, this is just one sample. The imagination is your limit at this point.

Do not waste the chance of wearing father and son matching swim trunks for these summer days. Show that love for your son and be proud at any time!