What's the best way to match shirts with swim trunks?

Matching Outfit Shirt & Short


Summer is here! It is the time to show your style and personality, and the best way to do this is with a great swim trunk and the best shirt, that way you will feel fresh and fashionable wherever you are. Express the best of yourself, combine live colors, different textures and trends. 

In case you’re wondering, how do I do that? Do not worry about it, here we are going to give you some ideas to inspire you and find the perfect balance in your outfit and enjoy the sun, sand and beach.

Relaxing and trending 

If you want to feel relaxed and still looking trendy, there is no better choice than a striped and stamped swim trunk with a shirt. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beach or not, with this look you will show fresh and originality without neglecting comfort when dressing.

Pastel colors have a perfect harmony with fun prints such as avocado, pineapple or watermelon, all this will make you look pretty cool.

By other hand, if you are looking for a classic style, the best choice is combining your striped swim trunks with a withe or black shirt, there is no doubt that this look never gets old fashioned. 

Fancy and super sexy

A linen shirt can give you a sophisticated and classic style, which makes it easier to combine in any occasion like a hangout with friends, a family dinner or professional meeting. Even these kinds of shirts combine with a stamped swing trunk that will give you that super sexy touch and everyone will look at you. 

The classic combination par excellence is a linen shirt with a striped swimsuit, you will be very comfortable and ready to conquer. If this option goes with your style, you are undoubtedly a bohemian.

This linen trend inspires the combination of nature and elegance, which create a light and sophisticated match.  



Hawaii a unique style 

Hawaiian shirts have a simple style, short sleeves and loose, if you are looking for something unique and interesting for the summer this is probably your best choice. The mix of a solid style swim trunks with a Hawaiian shirt is undoubtedly synonymous with comfort, versatility and elegance.

Whether printed or striped, Hawaiian shirts will give you a classic and interesting look at any time. Show your personality when dressing in this summer the sky's the limit.

Show your fancier side of fashion, there are a lot of options with leopard print, avocado, pineapple, watermelon or in true Miami style. Mix and let yourself go!



Classic no matter the time 

There is no doubt that a polo shirt is the perfect companion if you are looking for a classic style. In this summer if you are a lover of good taste and comfort, your ideal match is a solid style swim trunk with a polo shirt made of 100% cotton.

Quality, versatility and elegance come together in this combination. Regardless of your age or style, this mix will make you look just perfect to share and enjoy.

Wherever you go or whatever the occasion, you will be a benchmark of style and trend, try and see. You will not regret it!