Fall in love with these 5 ideas for matching swimsuits for couples

Any moment is ideal to show the love that you have for your soul mate in public. One of the best ways to express your feelings at the beach is with matching couple swimsuits from Bermies. You will fall in love with the combinations that you will find. 

Currently, this is a new trend between couples. This is because they want to show them to everybody around, that they are in love, showing it in an original way. Combining style with cute matching swimsuits for couples. Here are some combination ideas that you can try with your couple. 



Classic vertical stripes 

Classic never gets old! With this phrase in mind was launched the matching vertical stripes swimsuits. With a style that reminds us of the 90s. This design is always present in each of us as one of the most flattering for our body. 

The retro design of vertical white and pink stripes is something that many people like to wear. So, you and your couple can walk by the beach looking fantastic. With the colors of these swimsuits you can perceive the romanticism that exists in your relationship.



Avocado matching swimsuits for couples

If you want a cheerful swimsuit to have fun with your couple, we have the avocado matching swimsuits. This trend is booming every year for being original and bringing with its recreation and comfort. 

The avocado design projects freshness and with it you and your couple will show everyone how to enjoy the relationship in a relaxing way. 

A couple with avocado matching swimsuits will always get the attention wherever they go. Long live to the avocado!



Matching Flamingoes print for couples

If you and your soul mate are lovers of the beach and the feeling of freedom that the sea and birds transmit. Then the best way to show it is with the flamingoes matching swimsuits.

Seeing a flamingo in the water expresses beauty and serenity at the same time. Now how do you think you would both feel having this print on your swimsuit? In the same way, you will be calm and enjoy their stay on the beach. Also, this design is fun and original, you'll love it!


matching couple summer beach


Matching swimsuit with leopard print 

For those wild couples that want to feel like a powerful team, Bermies has leopard matching swimsuits. With this design you will show that crazy and wild side that you have. 

These animals are exotic, fierce and adaptable. You guys will be the envy of people because you both will transmit security, independence and power.

Leopard matching swimsuits are the garment that cannot be missing from your wardrobe, since it is a fashion piece which has become commonplace for everyone. You and your loved one will look like an overwhelming couple with personality.


matching couple swimsuit and swim short


Sunflower print swimsuits

The floral pattern is a fashion that is always present, this design shows your love for nature and the outdoors. Sunflowers are the most beautiful and emblematic flower that exists. Its yellow color will enhance your tan. You and your couple will benefit from wearing a swimsuit with this type of design, as you will feel well-being and joy.

There is nothing more romantic than flowers, they show feelings and history. Sunflowers manifest a life between a full and happy couple.


matching couple swimwear


You can choose any of these ideas, but you have to keep in mind that the one you choose will speak to your personality and how you are as a couple.
Show the love for your couple this summer with matching swimsuits


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