Try a new combination of fashion and comfort with hooded sweatshirts that Bermies launch in the 2022 collection.


If there is clothing that represents a fresh lifestyle and can be used at any time is the hooded sweatshirt. It is one of the favorite pieces for everyone due its versatility. That is why Bermies bring a new collection for the 2022 season. 

This new collection is created thinking of the two factors that all people want in their clothes, which are fashion and comfort. Made of 100% cotton, Bermies give you a breathable piece that you can wear in summer, and stay fresh as a daisy. With an UPF 50+ sun protection your skin will be safe from the harmful x-rays, which we know in summer are stronger and can ruin a day out home.

Bermies always manufacture quality products thinking in their clients and the hooded sweatshirts are not an exception to this rule.   

Hoodies over shorts is a great combination for this season

Wearing a short with hooded sweatshirts is an ideal outfit combination for this summer. During hot days, comfort is the key to choosing the clothing to go outside and be protected from the sun rays at the same time. With that thinking in mind, many people use to combine their hoodie with good shorts because this outfit provides the best feeling ever. 


It is not just about comfort, this is the new trend in fashion during summer and the early days of fall. We can say that this is one of the coolest combinations to wear with a hoodie. When you are at home and some friend calls you to go to the beach, a bar or to the shopping mall this is a fast outfit that will fit in any situation. 

Make sure to have the new Bermies hooded sweatshirts to combine with your favorite shorts and capture everyone’s attention. 

Stay fashion, stay fresh 

Bermies has a premium tie-dye hoodie which is perfect to wear in any season of the year. You will be prepared for any change of weather while having a fresh look and fashionable. 

With an ultra-soft cotton interior, comfort is the first thing you note when you wear it. The hooded sweatshirts from Bermies with the Pink tie dye treatment gives this hoodie that fresh and funny look that you are looking for. Innovation in fashion is another thing that you note with this hoodie, which is easy to combine with any color and will highlight your presence wherever you are. 

Equipped with a kangaroo pouch pocket, you will be able to carry on the important things with you all the time, having your hands free to do anything you want, which is something that everyone appreciates. 

To keep the sleeves fixed to your arms this hoodie has ribbed sleeve cuffs at the bottom to cover and protect the entire arm all the time while you walk around and show your love for fashion with this iconic product. 

Enjoy an easy-going style from the sand to the streets with the new and cool hooded sweatshirts from Bermies!