Can I use lounge pants to go to a bar?


One of the most comfortable things to wear are lounge pants because they are soft and breathable. So, when you find something that comfortable, you want to use it every time. These pants are the perfect combination for those Movie’s Sunday evening at home. It can be wearing to go to the supermarket, jogging and picnics. But, at this point you may have asked yourself, can I use lounge pants to go to a bar? And the answer is a big yes. 

Take in mind that lounge pants are here to stay, that is why we have many models for you. It doesn’t matter where you want to show it. We have the perfect model that completes your outfit. 

There are two main aspects that were taken in mind when these kinds of pants were made: first at all is the comfort and as second thing the fashion and stylish that will make you highlight wherever you are. 

Yes, lounge pants are appropriate for a bar 

At Bermies we have many models that you can try and show to everybody. Wearing a pair of these pants with a proper shirt, you can go out with your friends to a cocktail night at a bar, and the look will be outstanding for the place.

A gray or black pants will look very nice with an elegant jacket, and you will feel as comfortable as home while enjoying a great time. 

If you prefer something flashier, a wild model with color combinations will be an ideal combination. It’s up to you, when you want to look fashionable, comfortable during a drinking night with friends at the bar, the best option will be a good pair of lounge pants. 

Normally many people use jeans to go out, but in these times nothing is common anymore. Break the standard of style and let everybody know how comfortable you are and how amazing you feel with your lounge pants

Enjoy the bar with your friends and feel free to show your own style while letting out the stress of work and concerns of daily life. 


More comfortable than Jeans

Jeans have been the dressing standard for everyone since a long time ago. However, with a new age comes a new standard and a new style, here is where lounge pants come in. There is no doubt that these pants offer more comfort and softness than a Jean. In fact, these pants are design to give you that touch of elegance wherever you go, and be comfortable at the same time. 

At difference of Jeans, lounge pants are perfect for summer, because they are breathable. Jeans will make you sweat and get sticky to the skin which is very uncomfortable. 

During winter you can wear these pants as pajamas, so this way it will keep you warm and will help you sleep. Anyway, it doesn’t matter the time of the year with the proper lounge pants you will feel great anytime.  

Now you know the advantage that comes with a pair of lounge pants, the only thing is deciding how many you want. One thing is for sure, just one pair is not enough.

Come to Bermies and choose the best pairs of pants for every occasion!