Are lounge pants a new kind of pajamas or just the most comfortable pants in the world?


A big debate is here after the launching of lounge pants, are those pants a new kind of pajamas? Well, in fact these pants can work in both cases and let’s find out why that is. 

When you are in your house, often you want to wear light clothes because you want to be free and comfortable. Is very common to wear pajamas or some shorts and a light shirt and that is it. However, you can’t go out with that clothes to a meeting with friends. 

Lounge pants are here for wearing either in house like outside the house. These pants are so fancy that you can use them to go to a bar with friends, and even for work. But the best part without a doubt is that lounge pants are so soft and comfortable that you can even wear them as pajamas too. 

Difference between pajamas and lounge pants

We all agree that pajamas are made to enhance your time in bed, and that extra time in bed is always valuable. But when it comes the time to get dressed you can’t use pajamas to go to work, jogging or a meeting with friends. 

So, we can also conclude that pajamas are made just with one purpose. Lounge pants on the other hand, can easily be worn for a casual night, or for a movie evening at home, even for sleep. 

Just picture a Saturday night, you are at home watching movies and some friend is calling you with an invitation with your group. If you are wearing pajamas maybe the laziness will tell you to decline the invitation. But, if you are watching movies with lounge pants, you will not have a second thought and will be outside in a matter of seconds. 

That is the best thing about these pants, they are comfortable enough to be at home and to go outside looking good and fashionable at the same time. That is why they are also known as the most comfortable and versatile pants ever in the world. 

In case that you are working remotely from home this is a good option too instead of pajamas. Because you don’t know at what time a video call can start, and if this happens you will be ready for action while you feel good at the same time. 


The look you want can combine with lounge pants

The versatility of these pants is so great that you can combine them practically with everything. A shirt and sport shoes can combine for jogging, a long sleeve shirt can combine for a company meeting, even a dress over those pants are perfect for a cocktail’s night with friends in a bar. 

At home you can wear lounge pants for watching movies and, clean your house or even to take a relaxing nap all night long. Of course, pajamas still have their space (do not get rid of them yet). 

There are times when you have nothing to do and it is just you and the bed, pajamas can take care of this situation. But in cases where you know you have to go to the market and then come back home to watch a movie, the best option for sure are lounge pants

At Bermies we have a lot of models for you to try out and show everybody how comfortable and versatile these pants are.