Sun, sand and water, learn what is important to know about kids swim trunks and begin to relax for holidays.


Sometimes it is not so easy to be clear about which is the perfect swim trunk for your kid. You have to take into account some essential points to select the one that best suits all the needs that your little ones have on a sunny summer day. When it comes the time to find the ideal swim trunk for your kid, the first thing on your check list should be comfort.

Kids jump, run, swim and have a great time on the beach or pool, so having freedom of movement becomes a priority. Choosing a high-quality, flexible fabric swim trunk is really important. At Bermies, comfort means everything, that is why we care about making swim trunks that allow children to feel comfortable in the sun, sand and water.

Comfort is the key

Our swim trunks are made of 90% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and 10% lycra, which makes them elastic and flexible; main requirements for the little ones of the house to feel comfortable. But that is not all, the swim trunks are also resistant enough to withstand those long days of jumping and playing in the sand.

Inside, our swim trunks are covered with a high-quality mesh lining that is made entirely of polyester and offers 4-way stretch capacity. This allows your kids to move without any discomfort and play freely. It also protects them from the annoying chafing rashes that tight clothing can cause, what a relief!

With two side pockets and one at the back with zipper closure add an extra functionality to the swim trunk, without forgetting the elastic waistband to make it more practical and provide a better fit to the body.

Comfortable in the water

Bermies swim trunks are made with breathable fabrics to keep your kids cool on hot summer days. They also have low water absorption so they can dry really quickly and prevent the accumulation of moisture once they come out of the water.  It is worth mentioning that our swim trunks are totally light, which makes them the perfect match for pool and fun afternoons.


Additional protection against sun rays

Protecting your kids from the harmful sun rays is another important issue. Because they are more susceptible to sunburn. Bermies swim trunks provide UV SPF 50+ to protect their delicate skin from damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.


Fashionable style 

We can't forget about style. You can choose a design that reflects your kid’s personality with many colors and prints that make your kid feel great. At Bermies we have a wide catalog of fun colors and patterns to choose from. Matching swim trunks are even available for the whole family to combine and look adorable on that long-awaited family trip.

As a plus to all that were mentioned, Bermies is an eco friendly brand. Which means that our swim trunks are manufactured from the recycling of plastic bottles, which translates as a contribution to the reduction of environmental pollution. Encouraging children to use products made with ethical and quality materials is one more step to live in a society that is more aware of caring for the planet.

Comfort, style and quality: these are the characteristics of a good swim trunk and you can find all that at Bermies. Now is the time to start relaxing, feeling confident that your kids are comfortable and enjoying their vacation to the fullest. Your kids will love their Bermies swim trunks!