Bermies is launching the best swim trunks for kids. Read more and enjoy our styles.


At Bermies we are working every day to improve quality and expand our product catalog. We started with the classic men's swimwear that everyone loved, but we wanted to go further and offer products not only for men but also for women and children.

Now we want to show you the best swim trunks for children. We care about giving all our swim trunks the best finishes and designs you can imagine, and here are some features that will make Bermies the first option you choose for your kids.

How the swim trunks are made 

Our swim trunks for kids, in addition to being eco-friendly, are made of 90% recycled polyester and 10% lycra, this combination makes them elastic and comfortable to have fun in the pool and the beach. So not only is it a product made in a conscious and respectful way with the environment, but the fabric has the best standards of quality and comfort.

What you always want in a swim trunk for your kid is that it be resistant not only to the chlorine in the pool, to the salt of the sea, but also to be able to stretch and accommodate the movements of the children; and Bermies swim trunks for kids have all these features. To top it off, the fabric is breathable and quick-drying, other benefits that will make you and your kids love wearing them.

As the cherry on the cake, while your kids are wearing a Bermies swim trunk their skin will be protected from UV rays. That's how it is! The swim trunks are made with SPF 50+, the fabric blocks the entry of solar radiation and prevents the skin from burning, that way you will have the highest protection for your children.


Best styles

At Bermies we don't just care about giving you maximum comfort and the best quality. We also want to make sure that each design is inspired by the fun, fresh and fashionable of summer without losing a classic touch.


You can explore the different styles that Bermies has for kids. If you are looking for a floral style, sunflowers are perfect to combine with the beach sun. We could not forget the cactus print, which is also going to take over the holidays giving it a fun touch.


Fruits are refreshing! And to give the same touch of freshness to swim trunks for kids, there are prints of delicious pineapples and watermelons that cannot be missed in the summer; as well as avocados, of course the little ones in the house will love them



Animals are the favorites and the kids and Bermies knows that. They can choose from fun pink sharks, tribal turtles, or even manta ray prints. Flamingos and crocodiles will not be left behind as you can also get prints with these animals. Your kid will look super cool.


If you prefer a more classic style for the little ones, striped swim trunks are what you need. There are in navy blue or pink stripes that never go out of style.

You can enjoy our designs in pink, blue, green and other cheerful colors that will match the colorful summer. And if it couldn't be better, we also have matching prints for mom and dad, so the whole family can look combined wearing Bermies.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at all our pieces and give your kid a comfortable and unique swim trunk, in the best style that you can only find at Bermies.