Are you looking for the most comfortable kids swim trunks? Come and find them at Bermies.


To make a comfortable kid swim trunk, it must take into account different factors at the time of manufacturing it, such as the type of fabric used, the mesh lining, the correct size, among others. At Bermies we take all these factors in mind when making our swim trunks, especially for children who need extra comfort, which allows them to play on the beach or swimming pool.

When we talk about comfort, Bermies is the best option. We care about making nice pieces to wear combined with the best experience ever. For this reason, we will tell you what makes our kids swim trunks so nice and enjoyable.

The fabric

The material with which our swim trunks are made; is one of the first things you should look at when choosing it. At Bermies all the swim trunks are made from 90% recycled polyester from plastic bottles and 10% lycra. This combination makes them elastic, flexible and most importantly they are totally comfortable.

The advantages of polyester are that it is a durable and resistant fabric, so it resists chlorine in swimming pools and sea salt without damaging the garment, resulting in more years of useful life. On the other hand, lycra is completely flexible but does not lose its shape, which gives the fabric elasticity. The combination of these fibers achieves an excellent and comfortable quality product. 

As an added bonus, our fabric is SPF 50+ so it protects against the sun's UV rays that burn the skin.


Kids Swim Trunks with Mesh Lining

This is an important element when choosing the most comfortable swim trunk. A mesh lining made with the wrong material can make your child's day at the beach not as happy as it should be, but don't worry, at Bermies we have the ideal one for you.

Our mesh lining is made from 100% recycled polyester that can stretch in 4 directions giving complete flexibility so kids can do all kinds of outdoor activities feeling free to move.

Both fabrics are designed to absorb less water so they have the characteristic of quick drying, they also allow air circulation with their breathable fabric. Everything together helps prevent moisture from accumulating in certain areas.

Mesh lining is pleasant and soft when in contact with the skin, their elastic design prevents chafing and rashes that are frequent especially in children when wearing swim trunks.


Perfect fit

Wearing the correct size also plays an important role in wearing a comfortable swim trunk. Our products have the perfect fit. You can get them from size 2 to 14. If you are not sure of the exact size, you can help by taking your child's measurements and comparing them with the measurement chart available on our website, so you can make sure you select the ideal size for your child

Try out your Bermies! Not only are they made of excellent materials with the highest quality standards, they are eco-friendly and have a very cool style with which you can show your personality, but you also get the greatest comfort for a super affordable price. It cannot be better!

Make sure your children have the best experience on sunny summer beach days by wearing the most comfortable swimsuit. Get it here at Bermies.