How to wash a fleece jacket?

Fleece is one of the most common fabrics in the manufacture of our favorite garments. But at the same time, it is a fragile and delicate natural fiber that requires maintenance precautions. For cold seasons, fleece jackets are perfect allies.

Both by hand and machine, the washing of fleece jackets ends when it has dried. Are fleece jackets as delicate as they say? Well, they effectively require special care so that they can last in perfect condition for a long time.

How to wash fleece jackets by hand?

It is not necessary to wash a fleece jacket by hand. Although most jackets recommend in their symbols not to use a washing machine, you should know that there are special programs very respectful of the fabric.

Immerse the garments in a bucket of cold water before washing. This way you will get the water to penetrate well into the fibers, avoiding one of the most widespread fears when we talk about this fabric: that they shrink.

On the contrary, when we wash the garments by hand, we tend to treat them more aggressively, because we drain them and rub them too hard. 

So you have to be careful during the washing, to avoid damage to the jacket.

How to wash wool jackets in the washing machine?

Fleece has a special advantage over other fabrics, it doesn’t have to be washed so often. You can keep certain odors well controlled by ventilating clothes outdoors and reserving washing for the really necessary moments.

Do you know how to wash fleece jackets properly in your washing machine? We tell you a series of tricks that will be great for you.

The first one is to choose the right program in the washing machine. Fleece jackets are delicately washed and centrifuged enough so that no problems arise during drying. 

Added to this, if you use a dryer with a heat pump that removes moisture from the garment at a mild temperature, care is assured.

Today, all washing machines are equipped with programs for delicate garments or fleece clothing. They are usually washing modes with very low temperatures. 

However, you should be careful and never wash your fleece garments above 30°C. Pay special attention also to the speed of the spin. Above 800 revolutions per minute, there is more risk of your clothes spoiling.

What products should I use to wash fleece jackets? 

A fleece jacket is a soft and fragile fabric, it should not be overloaded with chemical cleaners, bleaches, and softeners. Ideally, only use a mild detergent. 

Also, forget the use of anti-stain products and classic bleach. The latter would damage the fleece jacket and would not be able to remove the stains.


How to dry a fleece jacket?

It is important to pay attention to the type of dryer we have. Because if it is too aggressive and the air is very hot it can definitely damage the fabric and the fleece jacket will be damaged forever.

Therefore, the drying technology includes specific programs for delicate garments that allow drying cold or at low temperatures and, in this way, prevent shrinkage. 

But, above all, the functionalities in the drying of fleece garments stand out. Which adapt the movements of the drum to imitate horizontal drying and thus avoid any risk of the garment being deformed.

If you do not have a dryer, the first thing you should do as soon as you take the fleece garments out of the washing machine is to wrap them in a cotton towel and roll them carefully. 

In this way, the garment loses water and can then be placed horizontally to finish drying. 

Do not shop with tweezers on a regular clothesline since the weight of the water is important.