Do you wear underwear with lined shorts?


Wearing underwear with compression lined shorts is going to be up to you. However, it is not necessary to wear underwear when you are doing exercise with these types of shorts.

In fact, to be protected and comfortable at the same time, there are many models of shorts. Which have characteristics of underwear, such as compression liner shorts.

Among the myriad of choices, lined shorts have emerged as a versatile staple that can be worn for exercise, mountain treks and seaside getaways. Protecting your private parts on some occasions is even better than underwear. 

For that reason, we are going to let you know the features and advantages of compression lined shorts. That way, you will decide if you have to wear underwear with them or not.


Compression Lined Shorts features 

Features of Lined shorts 

Compression Lined shorts are garments designed with a soft and comfortable fabric that allow you to be protected in any situation.

In addition, liners are typically made from breathable materials that help wick away moisture. To keep the intimate area cool and dry at all times.

In fact, the fit of the liner prevents the shorts from riding up and prevents uncomfortable friction between the thighs. Without a doubt, comfort and well-being are guaranteed

You will be able to exercise at the gym, run or jog without worrying about anything else!

Gym Shorts with compression liner


Advantages of lined shorts 

Compressionn lined shorts offer many advantages for outdoor activities, such as:

  • The lining in the shorts helps to keep a proper body temperature.
  • The materials of these shorts are designed with materials that allow air circulation.
  • They are resistant shorts, which is why they are ideal for exercise outdoor activities.
  • They provide a greater fit to the body
  • They provide comfort and protection regardless of the place or circumstance.
  • They help keep the skin fresh and free from chafing.



Gym exercise, mountain trips and beach, you can do it all!  

Compression Lined shorts, with their ingenious design, can be used for the ruggedness of the mountain trails, the casual and relaxing beach day and even for the most challenging exercise routine. 

At the heart of their appeal is the built-in liner, a feature that presents a compelling case for leaving traditional underwear behind. This liner provides extra support, comfort and a good fit to the body. 

In other words, you will not have to worry while you are on the move. Running, swimming, climbing or cycling, you decide what activity to do.

Now, we are going to let you know some options where you can wear compression lined shorts:


Compression shorts for cycling

If riding a bike through the city and mountains is your passion, these shorts are the best option to be comfortable and cool. You will be able to travel miles without discomfort or skin irritation.

With the compression lined shorts you will have a good fit to the body and you will keep an adequate temperature.

So, you will only focus on the path and the goal to achieve!



Compression shorts for running, Jogging or hiking

To exercise and enjoy nature without setbacks, it is best to opt for comfortable and highly resistant clothing.

With this in mind, if you are going for a run or decide to go hiking, the ideal option are compression lined shorts. You will have comfort and a perfect fit, to move with freedom. 

Compression lined shorts are a versatile garment that you must try on for any type of adventure. Therefore, be sure to see all the models and designs that Bermies has for you.

Lined shorts provide comfort, support and freshness for all kinds of situations and styles!




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