Not so obvious differences between short and long sleeve golf polo shirts.


We know that you love wearing a stylish golf polo shirt, since this piece of garment always gives you the perfect look that you’re looking for.

You should keep in mind that you make a balance between short and long sleeve golf polo shirts. So, in case that all of your shirts are short sleeves, maybe it's time for you to add some long sleeve shirts in your closet. On the other hand, if all your shirts are long sleeves and you usually roll them up, then perhaps it is time to buy a short sleeve shirt.

Maybe you are someone who prefers to wear a golf polo shirt with short sleeves, or maybe you opt for the alternative with long sleeves, or maybe… you like both of them and you can’t just decide which option to wear.

Well, in this post we will talk about this topic, in order for you to know the differences between short and long sleeve golf polo shirts and have a clear image so you can take your decision.

Let’s see them!



Short sleeves vs. Long sleeves golf polo shirts


Long sleeve golf polo shirts provide a more elegant look than short sleeve shirts. Yes, there are some events in which you don’t need to use long sleeve shirts, but if it’s an important and elegant event, then it will be better for you to wear long sleeve golf polo shirts. On the other hand, short sleeve polo shirts are a bit more informal than long sleeve shirts, and they provide you a casual and relaxed look. 

Obviously, rolling up your sleeves can only be made by wearing a long sleeve shirt, and as long as you roll up your sleeves well, you will have a good style. Nevertheless, keep in mind that when you roll up your sleeves, you are subtracting formality from a garment that was originally designed for that. With short sleeves golf polo shirts, you don’t have to worry about this!

Another difference between both of them is that, when you wear a short sleeve polo shirt, you can’t wear a tie. This is due to the fact that ties are made to be worn with long sleeve shirts.

Short sleeve polo shirts give a better look when their sleeves are short and narrow. This is important to remember since shirts with wide sleeves up to the elbows are not considered to be attractive. In the case of long sleeve shirts, their sleeves can be narrow and a little bit wide and still work!

When you think about pairing the shirts up with a sweater, you also find another important difference: long sleeve golf polo shirts can be paired up with a unicolor "V" neck sweater, and they can give you an extra layer of protection when the temperature drops and an elegant casual look at the same time. However, short sleeve shirts are not as good as long sleeve shirts to make this combination.

Lastly, for long sleeve polo shirts you need to remember that when the final finish of the shirt is very long (well below the pockets of your pants) or has a straight cut, it is better for you to wear it inside of your pants. However, short sleeve polo shirts can be worn either inside or outside, since they have an ellipsoidal cut.

Another important advice for both of the shirts is that, regardless of the length of the sleeves, the shirt will always look better if it is close to your body. 

At Bermies, we have some exclusive and beautiful short sleeve polo shirts that you can try on. You just need to make the decision, but, just in case, be prepared with both of them!