Bermies is launching Golf Polo Shirts. Attention Golf Lovers!


As a golf lover, we know that you are looking for something to wear that can be in the middle line between comfort and elegance, so you can play some games and look impeccable at the same time. Well, this is actually a good way of describing performance polo shirts.

Polo shirts have been a fundamental element for the clothes of golf players for a long time, since they allow a good performance of the game while providing a great style to the players. 

However, golf is not the only sport in which you can find Performance Polo shirts, since many people who practice soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, and so on, also like to wear them. But, golf players tend to be the ones who opt for wearing polo shirts before, during and after a game.

As a golf lover, you might want to know a little bit more about the upcoming launch at Bermies: the Performance Polo shirts for golf lovers! With a pair of these shirts, you will demonstrate the passion and dedication you have for the sport you love the most, while being comfortable and having a great and luxurious style! 

But let’s find out about the new Performance Polo shirts that are being launched at Bermies, and their features, as well.



The new Golf Polo Shirt is arriving at Bermies 

With the new golf polo shirts, you can have a high level of comfort while playing a game of golf. There’s nothing more satisfying than scoring at the first shot and feeling completely comfortable with the shirt you are wearing. These golf polo shirts were designed with this idea in mind, and you can even feel that the shirt is attached to your body. 

Another good aspect of the golf polo shirts is that you can take out your competitive side at your fullest! How is this? Well, by wearing this garment, you will notice that you have a very athletic look, so, this will give you enough confidence to feel that you can win any game that you want to play and obtain a high score. 

Last but not least, with the new golf polo shirts, you will have an amazing style before, during and even after the game! Golf polo shirts provide a very fancy and elegant style that you can wear either at a classy and formal event or at a casual party with your golf colleagues. So, you can wear golf polo shirts at any time of your day, it’s not necessary to be playing a game of golf to wear them!


Golf Polo Shirts with Tee Holder included

Tee holders are as indispensable as polo shirts for golf players, since they bring the tees that players need to put their golf balls. In fact, for some golf players, tee holders are considered as amulets that provide luck. And hey, everybody can have their beliefs!  

There are many tee holders that you can match up with the golf polo shirt that you wear. Colors such as; dark blue, black, white, grey, brown, beige, and others, are the most common colors for the design of a tee holder, but that totally depends on you… and, on the color of your golf polo shirt, as well.

So, if you are a great golf enthusiast and love this sport, then give yourself the opportunity of trying on the new golf polo shirts that we are launching at Bermies. We can assure that you will love wearing a pair of these shirts, as much as you love golf.

But don’t believe in our words, believe in the facts after you wear the Performance Polo shirts we are launching at Bermies!