We think 5 ideas to match mom & daughter swimsuit


One of the best things of motherhood is that you have the chance of dressing your little girl matching your clothes. With that idea in mind Bermies bring you its new collection of mom and daughter swimsuits. Because there is no better place to show that special connection with your child than the beach. 

There are many reasons to combine the swimsuit with your daughter, and Bermies give you 5 ideas to show everyone the best look with your daughter. 

  • To express the love that you have for your little girl 

  • Nothing shows the love that you feel for your daughter than wearing the same look. It is like you are creating a little version of yourself. This is an opportunity to create a special bond with your daughter, making moments that will remain in the memories for a long time. 

  • Turn the look on you

  • Be sure that if you are walking on the beach with your daughter and both are combined with a beautiful swimsuit, the looks will be on you both. Everyone will be asking you where you found that perfect match, which is a great story to tell while you share time with your child. 

  • Look amazing with a unique style

  • As all the Bermies collection, fashion and style are the main key when the piece is manufactured. And this is not the exception, we have swimsuits of one piece and two pieces to select the one that goes with your style. 

    Take in mind that this collection is intended to make you shine along with your daughter, so you should consider her opinion too. With the fitted design you can show off the body without shame. 

    There are many models to combine and look amazing, you have to choose the most you like. With stamps like turtles, flamingoes and full color designs, with so many options you will note that one pair for you and your daughter is not enough. 


  • Feel the comfort while you enjoy the sun

  • Comfort is another thing that Bermies considers before launching a product to the public. These swimsuits are breathable and soft to prevent chafing. That is why when you and your daughter wear the swimsuit on the beach all day, you will be comfortable and enjoying the day. 

  • High quality and sun protection 

  • When you buy a Bermies product you receive a high-quality product made of 80% polyamide and 20% of elastane. Which also gives UPF 50+ protection from the sun's harmful rays, that way you can protect your skin. Another feature is the fast-drying capacity, so after a few minutes out of the water the swim suit will be dry again. 

    It doesn’t matter how many times you wear this swimsuit, because this is a product made to last. So, you and your daughter can enjoy together many times and create many moments with this collection of mom and daughter swimsuits. 

    Enjoy the sun, and the beach with your best partner in life: your daughter!