Why do guys wear boxers under swim trunks?


In men's fashion, there has always been a debate regarding their way of dressing when it is time to go to the beach or swimming pool. Each man has his own style, some let themselves be carried away by the trend of the moment, others by comfort and there are those who also take their modesty more into account wearing boxers under swim trunks.

In any case there are multiple reasons for many men to wear boxers under swim trunks. Although this could be considered weird by some, it is something important and comforting for others. 


Visual protection of their private parts

This habit of wearing boxers under swim trunks is more common among young people. This is because they do not want to be ashamed in case they get swim trunks without mesh liner and the people could see that private area while he is resting in the sand. 

Another case that could happen is that on the beach, a man can be with the girl that he likes and, at some point, can’t control an erection. If this happens, and he is not wearing boxers under swim trunks, this could turn into a very uncomfortable moment for him and everyone around. 

We wonder, what will they do? How will they react? What will they feel? Therefore, to avoid future inconveniences and to protect themselves from the views of the people around them. It is very common to wear an extra layer to cover that area.




Follow the trend of surfers

This trend started by surfers several years ago. These athletes felt the need to put on boxers under swim trunks to avoid chafing and irritation on their manhood while surfing. In addition, they believed that with the boxer they had greater subjection of that intimate part

Over time, this custom of surfers was adopted among young people, turning it into a fashion, which continues today. Showing the waistband of the boxer is something that guys think is attractive and that gives them a sex appeal that will catch the attention of the person they like.

Wearing boxer under swim trunks prevents chafing in the intimate parts 

Many men who are circumcised wear boxers under swim trunks, to avoid the friction on that area with the fabric of the swim trunk, and that way, do not feel discomfort or pain. Similarly, if they practice a sport that requires sudden movements, and if they are wearing swim trunks with zippers, an extra protection is a good idea to avoid direct contact with a sensitive area.

Those are some of the reasons why guys wear boxers under swim trunks. But they have to keep in mind that it can affect their health. Most under wears, like boxers, are made with slow-drying fabrics and, in addition to being under another garment, it will take longer to drain.

By keeping the boxer wet for longer, it can cause fungus, urinary infections, and many other affections. They also generate discomfort due to having an extra weight on you, which slows down your movements. 

Today's swim trunks are manufactured with internal protection that can be mesh or compression band. This additional garment is made with quick-drying fabric that prevents the accumulation of moisture, which gives you greater comfort and support for your intimate parts.

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