What to wear under a swim trunk without a liner?

If you are wearing a swim trunk without a liner and want to feel more comfortable, or have an extra layer of protection. You can consider wearing specific underwear for swim shorts or garments designed for this purpose.

The swim trunk with compression liner offers several advantages compared to conventional ones without this feature. Bermies brings you many reasons why these swim trunks could be considered better, among them we detail the following. 

The compression liner in a swim trunk can provide gentle and constant support to muscles while in the water. This can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation, which could be especially helpful during activities like swimming.

The gentle compression provided by the liner can aid in muscle recovery after a training session or physical activities. By helping to reduce inflammation and improve blood flow, these swim shorts could help speed up muscle recovery.

Comfort in swim trunks with liners

Some people may experience chafing or skin irritation due to direct rubbing of the unlined swim shorts. Especially if they are wet and there is constant movement.

Compression liners can help reduce friction between the skin and the swim trunk. Which could decrease the possibility of chafing and discomfort during water activity, besides, these swim trunks can be worn without underwear.

Therefore, compression liners tend to provide a tighter and more comfortable fit compared to swim shorts without this feature. This can help keep the suit in place during movement in the water, avoiding discomfort when wearing it.


Why is it an excellent option not to wear underwear with lined swim trunks?

Many people choose not to wear anything under their swim shorts, especially if it involves swim shorts designed for swimming. These are made of materials that dry quickly. They avoid the discomfort caused by moisture, so swim trunks with compression liner are ideal for this activity.

A snug fit and gentle compression can contribute to better hydrodynamics while swimming. This could lead to smoother gliding through the water and ultimately better performance.

In addition to the functional benefits, many lined swim trunks are also stylishly designed, offering a sleek, modern look.

Advantages of wearing swim trunks with liners

Apart from all the above we can highlight that swim trunks without liner could be less durable compared to those with liner. This is because liner can help maintain the shape and resist wear caused by water and sun exposure.

Unlined swim shorts do not offer the same level of support as lined swim trunks. If you need a certain level of support for water activities or beach sports, this could be a disadvantage.

After having explained which is the best option to wear under swim trunks without liner, the choice will depend on personal preferences and individual needs. 

Therefore, if you are considering buying swim shorts with this feature, Bermies recommends that it is important to try it on and make sure it fits well and is comfortable before making a decision.

Enjoy your summer with a swim trunk that fits your personality and needs!