Stop using boxers under swim trunks! Bermies launched the best swim trunks with compression liner.


Some of the most fashion-savvy people consider it a crime to wear boxers under swim trunks. Many consider that this custom already has to be extinguished. With that in mind, Bermies brings you its new collection of swim trunks with compression liner, so you can stop using boxers under swim trunks. 

Nowadays, there are many swim trunks with similar features of underwear. However, they are created to be better aesthetically and more flattering for our care.



Why is it recommended to stop using boxers under swim trunks?

There are more reasons against than in favor of using boxers under swim trunks. They are unsightly and because the humidity can cause fungus on the skin. Therefore, this moisture from the garment can generate the production of fungi and bacteria in the intimate area. It is totally uncomfortable in every way.

This fashion is usually adopted by young people who want to imitate the surfers of many years ago, who needed extra support to practice their sport.

Boxers are made from fabrics different from swim trunks, such as cotton, which are not light when wet. Being heavy can cause stretching of the elastic that helps hold the boxer to the body and the garment may fall down. So, this will not look good and you could send a message of low confidence towards yourself. 

With the new collection of swim trunks swim trunks with compression liner all these problems will be left behind. You can take advantage of these comfortable swim trunks to enjoy the summer.  




Compression liner swim trunks are already here

The fabric used to create the compression liner swim trunks is polyester. This material will allow said garment to adapt to your body, so that way, you feel comfortable and relaxed. Also, that they can be designed with style, which will make you not visually attack yourself or those around you.

Polyester is the ideal textile for compression liners swim trunks as it is strong, durable, lightweight, flexible and highly versatile. These swim trunks also have the advantage that they can absorb little water, so it will dry quickly. Additionally, it is a highly breathable fabric, and will prevent fungi and bacteria from originating into your private area.



Wearing the compression liner swim trunks, you will enjoy the beach or pool like you have no idea. Since they will allow you to perform the physical activity you want. You can run, jump, play, swim and do any other type of sport. These swim trunks will make you feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. Also, they will give you support and comfort in that intimate area.

The compression effect of these liners also has multiple benefits. If you want to do some outdoor training, this type of swim trunk is ideal. This is because the pressure that this garment generates in the muscles will prevent you from injuring yourself. This is by minimizing the tension produced in the body when exercising. 

In addition, it will prevent friction in your inner area. Helping you to correct your stand and giving you freedom to make all kinds of movements.

You will not regret wearing compression liner swim trunks, you can have fun and exercise at the beach or pool with confidence. They are incredible and will give you a lot of style without being absurd and old-fashioned.