Come to discover Bermies's fashion styles in 5.5 compression liner swim trunks.


When you are looking for a swim trunk, you want to show everyone the best side of you at the beach. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect piece that represents your style and love for fashion. With all that in mind Bermies brings for you the 5.5 compression liner swim trunks collection. 

Our compression liner swim trunks are all the you want, they are comfortable and fashionable, and most important they are eco-friendly. Our swim trunks are made with recycled plastic bottles. 

These swim trunks are made with 90% recycled polyester and 10 % spandex, which provides a durable article. These swim trunks guarantee a comfortable and lightweight feeling, which is the main thing to consider in a swim trunk. So, we have many models which fit you.


Ocean motion style

Look fresh and free with this compression liner swim trunk. It is one of the best that you will show at the beach. It is comfortable and breathable; the inner liner provides an extra protection of chafing.

The best way to enjoy a day at the beach is with a proper swim trunk, with the color that combines with everything.


Mini Sharks style

Show to everyone your wild side with a stamp of sharks on the swim trunk. This is a funny style that can be the perfect topic of conversation on the beach with friends.

This swim trunk can be combined with an open shirt to walk around the sand and take all the looks on you.


Pink Palm 2.0

For those who love tropical stamps, we have swim trunks with pink palms stamp. This is a beautiful design which can perfectly show the tropical flavor that you can project to those around you. Just Imagine at the shore of the beach taking sunlight drinking a pina colada, there is no better swim trunks for this picture than the pink palm designs. 

Also, with the proper shirt, this compression liner swim trunk will be the sensation at the beach.


Navy Turtles Style

If you like turtles, you can show that love with our nave turtle design. Don’t let anyone take it wrong, Turtles could be slow in the land but in the water, they are like any other fish. That is the same thing you will feel once you get into the beach with this original and fresh design you will love even more being into the water.


California Style

California style is one that must be taken into account when it comes the time to buy a new swim trunk. This style shows the fresh and warm typical form of this location. Even for jogging or going to the supermarket this compression liner swim trunk will fit perfect for these occasions. For a cocktail party on the beach is a great option too.


With a relaxing style and the perfect comfort this swim trunk with 5.5 inseam it is a perfect choice to go out with friends.


Malibu Style

Malibu is also present in the collection. With a combination of colors that can stand you out in any place you are. At a bar to drink a couple of cocktails this swim trunk will show everybody your style and a love for fashion. 

All the models mentioned above are perfect for you! With the inside liner you will note the comfort from the first time. Also, you can show off your legs with the results of the exercise routine thanks to the 5.5 inseam, which will allow you to show the necessary anywhere you are. 

Come with us and get your new swim trunk, there are many for all the personalities and feelings.