The original color changing swim trunks

Swim trunks are an important part of us when we go to the beach, since it’s 100% our outfit when we go swimming inside the beach. And as they are most of our outfit, we expect that they have a good design, a lot of style and a fashionable look; something that can represent us and highlight the best of our body. Some people say the color of the swim trunks that we wear is what partly ensures this, but choosing the ideal color can be hard to consider.  

For example, you might love the blue color, but you’d look better wearing red swim trunks, or maybe it is the opposite. And you might not believe it, but it tends to happen regularly… more than what you think.

Color changing swim trunks were born for this purpose, since they can literally change the color of its design, and this happens because they are made with special fabrics that are exposed to heat reactive microcapsules, which cause a reaction that makes them change their colors with the mere contact of cold water! However, this doesn’t mean that they change their colors due to the water, but because of the temperature variations. 

These swim trunks represent a great solution for those who want to wear swim trunks with more than one color or can’t just simply pick the perfect color for them when enjoying a special beach time.


The trend of color changing swim trunks has become popular in the last months, and the amount of people looking for a pair of these has grown up, as well. 


One style of color changing swim trunks in particular that has become the favorite of many is the “HyperX switches”. Let’s take a look at those swim trunks and find out why they’re many people’s favorite!


The story of HyperX switches and color changing swim trunks


The idea behind HyperX switches and color changing swim trunks was born from the results of the discoveries made with the changes that could happen with considerable variations of temperature. This turned into an idea that could be imposed in the clothing industry, since people could find “color changing clothes” pretty and original.

Of course, people wouldn’t like the idea of being wet when wearing their daily basis clothes in order to have that color changing factor.

That being said, it was found that these types of clothes would be better as swimwear. And then it happened: color changing swim trunks were born.

HyperX swim trunks were made from the idea of color changing swim trunks, but with the particular aspect of having more notorious changes in the color.

For example, you can be wearing some yellow swim trunks and as soon as they are in contact with water, they can change to orange completely. Or, you can also wear a pair of flamingo swim trunks, an attractive and passionate color, and then, after you get wet, they can change to an outstanding violet. And after your swim trunks are dried, they will turn to their original color.

But those changes are so real that people would not think you were using a different color of swim trunks before getting inside the water.

These swim trunks will ensure you are the focus of attention on the beach, highlighting your style and attractiveness.

As days pass by, more people start to embrace the trend of color changing swim trunks, since they are a huge revolution in the swimwear industry. 


HyperX switches and color changing swim trunks are what’s in nowadays, so don’t let this trend get away from you and go out there and look for the perfect pair of color changing swim trunks to wear this summer!