Jokes to keep you laughing while using color changing swim trunks

The new collection of color changing swim trunks is here to enjoy summer days. Of course, when you have a swim trunk that can change its color with the water, many topics of conversation will come around it. 

Fun and joy are guaranteed in a swimming pool or a beach day. The jokes will be at the order of the day and you’ll become the center of attention. The people for sure will ask you how you can do that “magic trick” with your swim trunk, but remember a magician never reveals his secrets. 

Take the fun to the next level wearing color changing swim trunks, making a regular day something special and unforgettable. For that reason, we’ll show you how to be the joker of the group with color changing swim trunks



Phrases and jokes about color changing swim trunks 

Probably at first nobody believes you when you say that can change the color of your swim trunks. Well you can say that you are an amateur magician and you can change the color of your swim trunk, after that tell the person to close their eyes and you can put some water in your swim trunk and the magic trick is complete. 

Obviously, everyone will know how you do it, but the intention is to create a joke and start a conversation about your Incredibles color changing swim trunks

Remember that colors represent your personality, so you can make jokes about it too. For example, if you are wearing a yellow swim trunk, which it can turns into orange, a catchy phrase could be “let’s put more energy into the day” and the orange color with the water will reflect that feeling you have. 

If you have more than one pair of color changing swim trunks, it is probably that with time you gain the nickname of “chameleon”. Because of that your presence will be required in any event related to water and swim trunks. 

With this new collection you will become the most popular and funny person in the water, while you look amazing and everyone will make jokes with you. 


Cause great impression with color changing swim trunks

Create a new sensation and show that taste for style and fashion that identifies you wearing color changing swim trunks from unique color to a defined print. 

Imagine that you are wearing a green swim trunk that turns into a pineapple print when it gets into the water. The people around you will have that surprised face when they look at the change, you on the other hand can reply with a joke like “I just wanted to put sweet in the water”. with comments like that the laughs and fun will be part of the day. 

There are other color changing swim trunks with prints that you can combine, such as: red to flamingoes and blue to waves, just pick the most you like. 

Wearing one of those options that Bermies has for you, the style, fashion and comfort will be the new sensation on your summer days. What better way than drinking a Pina Colada at the beach with a swim trunk with a print of pineapple on it. 



As color changing swim trunks, make a change to those regular summer days, turning them into funny and laughing days, with this collection that Bermies brings you this season.