What to wear under a Hawaiian shirt?

If you want to show a different style, well, now is the time to combine a Hawaiian shirt. This comfortable and versatile garment is the perfect choice to show different looks when you’re going out.

These shirts are the ideal complement to show a graphic and fun outfit for various occasions. From a summer outing to enjoy the sun and the beach with friends, to a more formal evening.

Their irreverent designs have taken over many styles to become a trend that will complement your wardrobe for any occasion.

That is why, we are going to show you 3 options to wear under your Hawaiian shirt, to look good and set trends wherever you go.



Option number 1: round neck t-shirt

For a relaxed but attractive look, there is no better option than to wear a round neck t-shirt under your Hawaiian shirt.

In fact, you can choose a colorful t-shirt that contrasts with the print. Choose a bold pattern for the Hawaiian shirt and wear it open with a T-shirt underneath.

It is a relaxed and casual look perfect for summer. You can also choose to wear the shirt inside the pants and close the Hawaiian shirt for a more formal look.

There are no rules to define when or how the Hawaiian shirt can be worn; you can use it however you want. However, the idea is always to complement and thus you will have an outfit according to your style.

Express yourself and have fun dressing up!

Option number 2: small t-shirt

A fun option with which you can experiment, by contrasting the colors of your Hawaiian shirt with a small t-shirt underneath. Something cooler for days of intense heat and lots of sun.

You can choose vibrant and energetic colors that stand out so that the outfit gains depth and acquires a vibrant sense.

If you want to stand out from the rest and catch looks, this is the perfect option for you. Combine and contrast with the prin of the Hawaiian shirt is an alternative for those who take risks with fashion

3 option: just nothing under the Hawaiian shirt


Well yes, the Hawaiian shirt is a very versatile and comfortable garment that you can wear and express something more daring with your outfit. Without having any other garment beneath it.

Perhaps unbutton a couple of buttons than usual and show a sexy and relaxed look. You can choose bright colors and fun prints that highlight your personality.

This style sometimes does not need accessories, the patterns or colors of the Hawaiian shirts speak for themselves. Everything will depend on you and what you want to wear!

You can also wear it tight to show your fit body and good silhouette.

Without a doubt, Hawaiian shirts are a versatile and unique garment that will allow you to put together a fresh and fun look. Come on, dare to wear it and discover the options that Bermies bring for you!