How to style Hawaiian shirts for men?

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Without a doubt, the style Hawaiian shirt is for those who do not want to go unnoticed on sunny and fun days. But have you ever wondered what this particular fashion show is?

Well, Hawaiian shirts have a lot of colors and patterns that project joy and freshness which can be adapted for multiple occasions. Ideal for those who dare a little more and want to innovate.

In fact, Hawaiian shirts can be worn on the beach or in the city, they also go well with summer accessories.

Although it may seem very flashy, this type of shirt shows authenticity and freedom when it comes to dressing.

For that reason, we are going to show you 4 characteristics of style Hawaiian shirts.



Hawaiian shirts are an expression of fun, thanks to their many colors and a wide variety of patterns.

For those who want to show joy and the pleasure of looking and feeling good with what they are wearing. A unique way to express personality through clothing. 

There are many options from bright colors like blue or pink and a wide variety of patterns. They can go from a retro style to a fun flamingo design.

Fun Hawaiian Shirt - colorful summer shirt


If you want to feel comfortable and look good for any occasion, a Hawaiian shirt is the perfect option. The beach, the city, an outing with friends, that's up to you!

This is a garment that you can combine in many ways, from a casual style to spend a fun summer afternoon. Even a more elegant look for a special evening.

A Hawaiian shirt can adapt very well to the way of dressing and personality, if you want to show a daring and unusual outfit. Get out of the ordinary and show a different vibe!


Fresh hawaiian shirt - Coackatoo printed shirt for summer days


Comfort and fashion can fusion in a single piece, in fact, the Hawaiian shirt is an example of this. Looking and feeling good in clothes should always be the key to everything.

There are models made with a unique combination of fabrics, which are part cotton and a comfortable elastic mix. Like the elastic cotton stretch shirts that Bermies have for you. 

These shirts have very light, breathable, quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabrics. In other words, freshness and comfort for any time, especially in summer.

There is also the option of rayon stretch shirts that are perfect for summer. They are a hybrid blend of rayon and stretch, which makes them soft, breathable, and comfortable.

blue Hawaiian Shirt with pink flamingos



Any garment that we use should be an expression of our personality and Hawaiian shirts are a key piece for this.

Its colors and patterns allow you to express through clothing a unique and different style than usual. Express yourself and have fun without limitations or prejudices.

Let the clothes be a reflection of ourselves! Our identity is revealed, how we feel and what we want to tell the world.

In short, if you want to show a different personality, feel comfortable and fresh for any occasion, the Hawaiian shirt style is perfect for you.


Colorful stripes hawaiian shirt



Let’s go, put together unique looks and express yourself with all the options that Bermies bring you! May the good vibes always be present.


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