Let the game begin: boxers vs boxer briefs

Get ready! A very close battle is coming between boxers and boxer briefs.  The last one is the modern contender, who wants to stay and take over the audience. However, boxers with their classic style do not give up and they maintain their hierarchy by designing more and more models of different cuts.





It is well known that for the battle to be legendary, both garments must measure strength, qualities and characteristics. This is because we also need to confront our own day-to-day battle. That is why we have to know what style of underwear suits us and which allows us to feel comfortable and safe.

Here comes the battle, let's begin:

Contender 1. Boxers

These garments are a variety of shorts that reach mid-thigh. Boxers only fit at the waist and are loose in the legs. They are mainly made of cotton and do not offer any type of support in the crotch. 

Boxers are usually the favorites of men to sleep and spend the day at home, since they are comfortable and fresh.

However, they do not recommend wearing them under pants that are either tight fitting or made of semi-sheer fabrics. This is because the design is slightly thick and can stand out on the outer garment. 

This piece is usually worn by men who dress in wide, loose pants.

Boxers underwear were created thinking in the box (we mean the sport) so the professional boxers can practice with freedom of movement.  Therefore, people who wear this type of garment are mostly athletes with thick and muscular lower limbs.

Contender 2. Boxer Briefs

Since men's underwear became a fashion item, companies began to design a wide variety of models and styles. And this provided an entrance to the modern boxer briefs of different aspects: short, long, printed and made of different fabrics such as cotton, spandex, polyester, elastane and microfiber.

Boxer briefs combine two styles of underwear, briefs and boxers. They conform to the silhouette without causing discomfort or restricting movement and offer support for the crotch.

However, despite the fact that we consider practicality and comfort to be the priority, we cannot forget that the majority of men care about their appearance. And how they would look after taking off their pants or any other outer garment. Therefore, boxer briefs are the most suitable model to make you look good and stylish at any time.

This model of underwear is suitable for all types of male bodies, its interior is very versatile and fits the entire silhouette that it covers. This is because it is mostly made of lycra, which makes them flexible and malleable despite being similar to boxers.

Because boxer briefs are usually made of synthetic materials, they could generate an increase in temperature in the genital area.  So, this is an important thing to consider.


Which one is the winner? 

It depends on you at the end. You can have both models of underwear and decide when to use boxer briefs instead of boxers

Sometimes, we are looking for an item suitable for exercising, however, so it is preferable to wear those models made of cotton to not accumulate sweat when you use it.

A proper support is important too, for that reason you cannot use very tight underwear because it would cause discomfort.

At Bermies you will find the model you want on boxers and boxers brief. So, come and choose the one that fits your needs.