New Season. We find out 8 unexpected uses for our Boardshorts


With the upcoming summer season, Bermies brings its new collection of boardshorts for you. These shorts are so practical that you can wear them wherever you want and to do many activities. 

We know that boardshorts are commonly used for a day on the beach, however, Bermies create a comfortable model with a good-looking design that you can use even for activities that you may not think of.  

That is why we find out 8 unexpected uses for our Boardshorts that you have to know: 

  • Exercise on the gym 
  • If you are a gym lover, you already know that proper clothes are important to complete your exercise routine. In this case when you exercise your legs, you need to wear something resistant, strong and able to expand. Bermies boardshorts have all those features, thanks to their spandex properties you can move the legs up and down with freedom. 

    Also, they are strong enough to support the most extreme routines without the risk of breaking. After the session you can take a look at your legs and see the result. 

  • Jogging
  • When you are jogging it is a great time to use our boardshorts, they will let your legs free enough to take a few laps around the block. It doesn’t matter If you go for a long run or an easy walk, with your boardshorts, you will be comfortable while looking great at the same time. 

    You can choose between our Maverick, Gray and Blue models and you will note since the first time that these shorts are perfect for you. 

  • Go to supermarkets 
  • Going shopping to the market is something that we all have to do. So, when it comes the time to refill the fridge and essentials for the house we go with the most comfortable clothes that we have. Here is where boardshorts come in; they are so comfortable that you will be able to walk around the supermarket with a sporty look. 

  • Cocktail bar
  • After a day at the beach, the best way to close that day is with a cocktail, but you don’t have to go to your home to change your clothes. Combine any of our boardshorts with a Hawaiian shirt or a polo shirt and you will be ready for that cocktail. This look will project the best of your wild personality. 

  • Pajamas
  • One of the most practical uses for the boardshort is as pajamas. During the summer some nights are very hot and wearing long pajamas is so uncomfortable. A short is the best option because it will keep you fresh during the night. 

  • Beach sports
  • Due to its resistance, comfort and style, our boardshorts are frequently used to play beach sports, such as: Volley and soccer. Thanks to the freedom provided on the legs, you can run, jump, and throw in the sand to win together with your team, while looking amazing at the same time. 

  • Swimming
  • Of course, if you are on the beach you are going to get into the water and if you are those people that don’t like to show too much of their body, instead of using a swimsuit, you can use a boardshort. So that way you can swim all you want and enjoy a relaxing day with family and friends. 

  • Surfing 
  • If you are an amateur or professional surfer you must use boardshorts. These will protect your legs when you are sitting on the table for a long time waiting for the perfect wave for you.  

    Look for your boardshorts this summer and be ready for whatever you want!