Are 7” inseam swim trunks & boardshorts the same?


Summer is the favorite season of the year for many people. The sun, the beach and a pina colada to refresh a hot day, is indeed the paradise for many, and we can understand why. Of course, when you go to the beach the first thing you look for is swim trunks, and in the case of men, most of them prefer wearing board shorts instead of swim trunks, mostly because the boardshorts are larger. 

However, there are some swim trunks with 8” inseam, which make them almost   as long as boardshort. Which comes to a common question, are 7” inseam swim trunks and boardshorts the same thing? 

The answer is tricky, they are similar but they are not the same. And yes, maybe for a common eye which doesn’t know a lot they look similar, but here we are about to mention some of the differences. 

The fit 

Basically the 7 inches swim trunks are made to be attached to the body, they are larger but fixed to the legs. On the other hand, boardshorts are large but loose, which provide freedom to the legs. It’s easier to walk and play any beach sport with these kinds of shorts. 

At the beginning, boardshorts were manufactured thinking of surfers, these shorts provide the comfort and freedom they need to move on the surf table. They most of the time need to protect their legs to avoid chafing when they are waiting for the perfect wave on the ocean.



The design

Some men are shy, and don’t like to show their legs, for those men the Boardshorts will be an ideal option. These shorts are designed to provide freedom to play sports, for jogging, for the beach and more, and at the same time protect the legs. This is another difference with swim trunks. 

Bermies brings you many models of Boardshorts and swim trunks to choose the one that goes with your personality. When you buy a Bermies product you receive a good quality item which is durable on time.

The boardshorts are manufactured with 80% recycled polyester, 4% cotton and 8% spandex. They also have a back pocket with a zipper, that way you will be able to carry out personal articles with you. However, most swim trunks come without zippers. 

With Bermies’ boardshorts and swim trunks collection you can enjoy a day on the beach while you feel comfortable and look amazing. Always remember, when you use a Bermies product you are contributing to a green ocean, because we made our swim trunks and boardshorts with recycled plastic.

It depends on you what to wear 

At this point probably, you are wondering what is the best option for going to the beach. It will depend on how much you want to show and how comfortable you want to be.

If you want to go to run, swimming just for fun a boardshort can be good enough for all the activities. If you want to show more of your legs and you are swimming as professional training a swim trunk will be the best option in this case. 

Many people wear swim trunks beneath the boardshorts and that is another way to combine the dressing when you are not sure what to use. 

So, swim trunks and boardshorts are perfect for a day at the beach, the decision of what to wear depends on you. You can even combine them and still enjoy your day with comfort and fashion, you those things when you get products from Bermies collection.

When you want to show your legs and more of your body, swim trunks are preferred.

On the other hand, if you want to use something durable, fresh to enjoy a day at the beach or for doing exercise, then boardshorts are the best option for you! 

At Bermies we have whatever you want to look amazing and feel comfortable on the beach.