Outfits for women golf polo shirts

Golf is a sport that will give you a unique lifestyle, it is elegant, sophisticated, fun and suitable for anyone. It is for this reason that women golf polo shirts, to provide women a beautiful and comfortable look while they are concentrating in the match.

Normally, in general, golf is practiced by older adults. However, at present, it is becoming more and more relevant and young people and mostly women are taking golf as a lifestyle sport.

Bermies launches its women golf polo shirts collection thinking about all women, whether they practice golf or not. These women golf polo shirts are so comfortable that they can be worn at any time, anywhere. 

Printed Golf Polo Shirt for Women 


For that reason, we are going to let you know some outfits that you can combine with women golf polo shirts: 

Outdoor walks

You can easily combine your women golf polo shirts on days that want to exercise jogging outside the house or in a park. This is the most sportive outfit you can imagine, remember that polo shirts are designed to be breathable and comfortable. 

You can combine these shirts with lycra and sport shoes to exercise for hours. Even for a gym session you can be sure that a golf polo shirt will fit during your routine.

Casual meeting with friends

A meeting with Friends is always good to socialize and share good memories. During these meetings women golf polo shirts have a place for sure. You can combine this shirt with a jean and you are ready to go! 

This is one of the most common outfits used for everyone, because they are practical and fit in almost any situation and place. 

Job dressing

At work also is a place where women golf polo shirts have a space, it doesn’t matter if you are in an office or in the field. You will look professional and elegant at the same time, while you follow with your schedule. 

You can combine this shirt with a jacket for those business meetings and video calls or wearing as part of the company uniform. 

Cocktails nights

Another outfit where these women golf polo shirts have a reserved place is in those cocktails’ nights with friends. When you and your friends want a “ladies’ night” being comfortable is the key, you can use a polo shirt for this purpose. 

Enjoy the night and drink while you look amazing and feel great as a companion of your best group of friends. 

As you can see, these shirts are not only made to play golf, you can wear them as you like and where you prefer. 

All Bermies women golf polo shirts are made with 90% recycled polyester and 10% elastane. These textiles are quick-drying, soft and light. And it is ideal for any activity you want.

In the end, the choice of wearing a polo shirt depends on you. Find out your own style and complete the outfit with a women golf polo shirt. With these outfits you will be able to comply with the required dress codes and at the same time enjoy this activity with freedom of movement.