Check out the new golf shirt women collection

Bermies have the new golf shirt women collection for this new season. Polo shirts first became known at the end of the 19th century, when a group of British soldiers observed two teams mounted on horses competing against each other. From this competition, these soldiers formed the Polo Club and from there comes the name of these garments.

Later on, golf shirts began to play tennis and then golf. In this last-mentioned sport, the use of polo shirts is required. Currently, this garment has become a fashion icon for its versatility, comfort and elegance.

Next, we are going to show you the models of golf shirt women that Bermies have in this collection. 

White and watermelon 

Ideal for use on hot days and when the sun is at its best. These natural tones allow them to be combined with any other color. It is simple, it brings life, light and gives you a soft appearance.

With this model of shirt, you will project a natural appearance even on the hottest day of summer. 


White golf polo shirt with watermelon embroidery on chest



Light blue & palm tree

The light blue color transmits purity and has a relaxing and harmonious effect. A golf shirt woman, with this color tonality favors concentration in all the activities you have, since it is associated with calm and stillness. 

This golf polo shirt model has one color with a tone so versatile, which you can combine it with both neutral and more daring colors.

Light Blue golf polo shirt for women with palm embroidery on chest



This model is inspired by those women who like fun, jovial and fresh appearance, this polo shirt is the one for you. Its turquoise color combined with palm tree designs in fuchsia tones will make you feel on the beach while you look good.

Pink and light blue palm print. Golf polo shirt for women.



PGA golf shirt woman

This model is dedicated to the Professional Golfers' Association of America (PGA). It is a polo shirt with a unique print to be worn by women who practice this sport professionally. Its color is soft and warm. It transmits tranquility and concentration.

It is the best model for those women who practice golf and want to look amazing at the same time. 

Lilac. Flowers. Print. Golf polo shirt for women.


Created for women of the new era

The golf shirt women from Bermies are made of different materials and colors that turn them into casual clothing. Polo shirts are made from 90% recycled polyester and 10% elastane.

These textiles are quick-drying, breathable, and adjustable to the body without discomfort, they are also light and soft. Ideal for people with an active lifestyle.

All these models are made for women to make them feel unique, original and comfortable. And they can make their day to day a pleasure with these polo shirts.

As you can see the new Bermies collection of golf shirt women have many options to make you look great. As soon as you get the first shirt, you will desire the entire collection for wearing all the time.