Are volley shorts and swim trunks the same?

With the arrival of summer, many people take advantage of going to the beach to tan and enjoy a wonderful day. For this reason, many decide to renew their swim trunks for this season. At this point, many wonder if wearing volley shorts or swim trunks is the same.

There is no restriction that says you can't wear volley shorts as a swim trunk, in fact many people do that. But this is not its main function in reality.

In this article we are going to explain everything you need to know about volley shorts and why they are considered more than just a swim trunk.


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Volley shorts are comfortable and versatile 

Volley shorts have a perfect balance between comfort and style. As these shorts are elastic, they provide freedom of movement like no other swim short. Therefore, they can be used in sports activities such as beach volleyball or for swimming for a while.

They can also be combined with a casual outfit and even worn at home on hot summer days. You can wear these shorts all day long and you will feel fresh and comfortable all the time.  

As you can see these shorts are a class apart from the rest. They are also made of strong fabric to withstand all kinds of exigencies. So, you can be sure that your volley shorts will last a long time.

Although these shorts were originally designed for beach volleyball, now they evolved until becoming a part of the new summer style. Volley shorts are so versatile that they are the perfect choice for those who are looking for the combination of functionality and fashion. 


Volley shorts, perfect for wearing at the beach!

Difference between volley shorts and swim trunks

One of the main differences that you will notice is the inseam length. Many swim trunks have inseams from 4 inches to 7 inches. Volley shorts on the other hand, are shorter, with inseams of 2 inches length. Which means that you will be able to show off your legs all the time. 

Volley shorts also are made to fit and adjusted to the body, swim trunks are looser to the legs. This is a great difference that you have to consider to decide what short is better for you. 

At the end of the day, the decision depends on you. The short that better fits with your personality and style is the ideal one. 


Are volley shorts and swim trunks the same?


Volley shorts are more than “just a short”

Having a volley short is an advantage for dressing in summer. These are more than just a short. You can use them as casual dressing at home to feel comfortable and fresh while you are resting. 

Another advantage is that you can go to the gym with your volley shorts. As they are resistant, these shorts can withstand the high exigency of your exercise routine. Thanks to the comfort and the movement that they provide you can exercise as much as you want and be sure that your volley shorts will not fail. 

Thanks to your volley shorts you will make a fashion statement while you enjoy your day with family and friends. 


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