Why are swim shorts called trunks?

Pants are essential garments in the day-to-day clothing of any person, whether for work or for any other activity. However, when summer arrives, and you leave the office to go to the beach or pool, you change your look by wearing pants… or swim shorts.

There are several types of men's swimwear and they can be briefs, boxers, shorts and Bermuda shorts. The last garment mentioned is the most common and the most used because they look like pants, but shorter.

Shorts and Bermuda shorts have become a trend to spend the warm season in a comfortable and fresh way to make the most of sunny days. 


Men's swim trunks

The choice of a male swim trunk does not depend only on aesthetics. Since a wide variety of shapes and with different materials have been designed, so that you feel comfortable.

Shorts and Bermuda shorts became trunks when they were created to be worn in and out of the water. With the proper fabrics to dry quickly and also fit our silhouette.

This type of swimsuit is suitable for everything, whether it is for swimming, playing volleyball, walking and simply staying calm chatting with friends and family.

How to choose swimsuits according to the body?

Shorts and Bermuda shorts are suitable for almost all silhouettes. If you're tall and muscular, Bermuda-style swim trunks are best suited, as they don't cling to the skin and tend to be more comfortable for your build.

If you're tall and slim or slightly stockier, ideally for both, the focus shouldn't be too much on your legs. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear Bermuda shorts or swim shorts.

Now if you are short, whether muscular, slim or stocky, you shouldn't wear shorts because they make you smaller. It is advisable to use shorter pieces to give a feeling of elongation in the legs. 


It's all about attitude

The decision of the swim trunk model you wear depends solely and exclusively on you. Based on the security and confidence that you have, of how much comfort you want and of the physical activity that you do. The important thing is that you always feel comfortable.

The best models of men's swim trunks are shorts or Bermuda shorts because of their versatility to combine them as you want, since they have been created with a wide variety of designs and colors. 

In addition, you can use them to go to the beach, to pool parties or to go shopping or eating in a restaurant while you are on vacation.


Swim shorts are getting shorter and shorter

Nowadays, more and more men dare to wear ultra-short garments without any complexes, showing their thighs with all the security they have.  And they are ideal to show off your legs when you go jogging. They just have to be careful not to show wrong parts when making any movement.

In summary, swim shorts are the most used by the male gender, because they are versatile to wear anywhere and go unnoticed. 

They offer comfort, cover more so you can hide parts that you don't want to show and protect you from the sun. They protect the sensitive and modest areas of your body.

Just be careful, don’t choose the wrong size or the model that does not fit your body. Look for something that has a perfect fit with your body so that it does not fall off.  

The rest depends on your style, confidence and comfort.