We show you the story of Bermies on Shark Tank

Bermies is a company that Uki Deane started in August 2015. At the beginning with his closest friends and family, then after perfecting details, he made his public launch in April 2016

However, to publicize and promote his company and, at the same time, his products, Uki participated in a program called Shark Tank. In search of an investment that would help him grow his business, since he had already spent all his savings on it.

In the show, Uki entered showing the best Bermies swim trunks, in principle for men, made with ecological and recyclable materials. These garments were inspired by the colors of Bermuda Islands and designed with prints that represent these beaches such as sharks, turtles, tropical fruits and more.

In addition, He proved that these swim trunks are comfortable, well-fitting, quick-drying and breathable. Therefore, Uki unveiled a product that combines comfort with style.

What is Shark Tank about?

Shark tank is a television series made in the United States. Its name is an analogy that means that a group of sharks, which are the investors, are in a tank, which in this case would be the market. And this is the market in which a series of entrepreneurs are looking for a shark to invest in their company

To participate in this show, a series of requirements must be followed. Such as knowing the product so well, to convince the possible investor that you know what you are selling. In addition to managing the accounting and creating a business plan that helps diversify the company or brand in the market.

And the last of the requirements, which, because it is the last, is nonetheless important or indispensable. Is to have an attitude that shows confidence in yourself and in your project. Something that Uki Deane reflected with Bermies in abundance.

Did Uki Deane get Shark Tank to invest in Bermies?


No, he didn't. Uki Deane expected some shark to invest $200,000 in his project for a 20% share of his business. However, no shark invested in the project, but not all was so bad.

Despite not having gained a financial association with any shark, he did receive recognition for exhibiting his products in the program. And this allowed him, along with his perseverance and the unique style of his swim trunks, to grow over the years and achieve the expected success.

And that success has been such that today, Bermies has become a company with assets of more than $50 billion. With a continues growing in all the countries where Bermies sell their products. In addition, nowadays Bermies expanded their target clients by creating designs for women and children.

Uki Deane's participation with Bermies in the Shark Tank, is an example of what it means to fight for what we are passionate about and believe in ourselves. And no matter how many difficulties we find along the way, we must always keep going until we achieve the desired goal.