How to measure inseam length?

Swim shorts and their length are one of the types of clothing that causes a lot of controversy in the world. Normally men use it without any inhibitions to spend the summer at the beach, pool or river.  However, the correct way to wear it and the appropriate length have always been a matter of debate.

The use of this garment depends on the style and confidence of each person. However, it is important to consider that anyone who wants to wear swim shorts choose the one that is perfectly suited to their type of silhouette and height.



Body proportion

The fundamental measurements that must be taken into account when buying a swim short is the length and width. And men often make mistakes when choosing the appropriate length for their body.

Basically, the rules to determine the length of the short are the following: if you are a person of short or medium height. But with short legs in proportion to your body, this type of garment would be chosen with a shorter design than normal. Since this model tends to lengthen, at least visually, the legs.

On the other hand, if you are tall, a longer garment would be needed.  Ideally, when selecting a swimsuit, you need to be sure that you like your look and that you feel comfortable with it. And this is defined by the length of the crotch.

Inseam length

It is a measurement that is calculated from the crotch along the inside of the leg to the hem where the swim shorts end. This length can vary between 3.5 and 5 inches depending on the height of each person.  However, regardless of your measurements, the length should not exceed the knee.


An important point to take into account is that the garment cannot be too short either. Because at the moment of sitting, you can feel uncomfortable and unsuitable parts of your body can be seen.

The decision to choose a bathing short of a certain length depends on the degree of security and confidence you have and how much thigh you want to show.


Importance of crotch length for physical activities

If while you enjoy the summer at a beach, pool or river, you want to do some sport, such as running, playing with the ball or even riding a bike, you should choose swim shorts with a length suitable for these types of activities.

When exercising, wearing this type of short clothing is essential to keep you cool, but it must be chosen with an appropriate length to avoid exhibiting the modest parts of your anatomy. Sometimes it's not about following a trend, it's about being as comfortable as possible no matter what you do.

Another detail to consider is that the swim shorts need to have enough crotch length to avoid chafing between both members as well as the necessary amount of fabric to have less heat.

Ultimately, the inseam length of swim shorts became a permanent debate, in which more and more designs emerge with different lengths to have multiple options when choosing. And they are also created in different colors and patterns in order for you to adapt it to your style.



It's all a matter of attitude and how confident you are to show more or less legs in public. The important thing is not to follow fashion, but that you feel good about yourself. And don't worry, there are more and more people who use this type of clothing without any inhibitions.