How did the 5-inch inseam become trendy?



Many men have a deep and unquestionable love for wearing 5-inch inseam swim shorts; Because they are the ultimate expression of both being comfortable and having a simple and unique style.

On the other hand, many people think that shorts on men are a childish garment, but each one with their own!

The fact is that 5-inch inseam swim shorts are still the perfect choice for men to wear not only in summer days on the beach, but also in any outdoor activity like hiking or jogging. Why should men have to suffer in long pants? No, they deserve to be free! 

Keep in mind that the most popular lengths for shorts are 5 inches, 7 inches, 9 inches, and 11 inches. However, nowadays, it is more popular to wear shorter pants, so that makes 5-inch inseam swim shorts the ideal alternative to wear. 

While the 5-inch inseam swim shorts are often credited to their popularity in casual and beach settings, their appeal doesn't end there. The same qualities that make them a staple for your summer, also make them perfect companions for the adventurous soul.

Find out with us what makes these shorts so trendy, let's go!

From the 80's to Tik Tok 


The trend for men wearing shorts had a lot of impact in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s a clear possibility that our fathers used to wear them, as well as our professors, bosses and neighbors; after all, they were also young back in those days. 

Professional basketball and tennis players also took an important role in this trend. However, when the 1990s arrived, the length in men’s clothes gradually became larger, a trend that lasted until the 2000s, the years in which it reached its peak. 

After that, it was common to find men’s clothes as loose as possible, with a sagging style. This trend was around for some years.

When the mid-2010s arrived, the sagging style was done, and the common length of men’s shorts became stable around the knee. 

Nowadays, modern trends try to take the stabilization of shorts from the mid-2010s a little bit further: taking them to 5 inches swim trunks.

With the appearance of social media and apps for sharing and creating trends, Tik Tok showed up with the trend of wearing 5 inches inseam shorts. 

This goes hand by hand with the fact that quads became the new biceps in today’s society. So, the obvious reason that these shorts are trending for men is that they simply show more legs. 

So, men wearing 5-inch shorts and having strong legs with quads are the ones who receive the whole focus of attention.

And as the trend of short shorts was supported in the 70’s and 80’s by sport professionals, now regular people do the same with just recording a video of less than one minute and uploading it to Tik Tok.

The Call of the Wild: Fashion Meets Functionality 

In the realm of outdoor activities, where freedom of movement is the key factor, 5-inch inseam shorts shine. 

It doesn't matter if you are scaling the rugged terrains of mountainous landscapes or navigating the dense foliage of the jungle, these shorts offer an unmatchable blend of functionality and fashion. 

The shorter inseam allows for a greater range of motion, making those high steps and leaps more manageable. At the same time, the lightweight fabric ensures you stay cool as you push your limits.

With the 5-inches swim shorts from Bermies you will be part of the new trend, showing your fashion and stylish side wherever you go!