Bermies inspiration. Discover the charms of Bermuda Islands

Bermuda Islands

When people talk about Bermuda Islands, their name is usually associated with mysteries and legends about disappearances. However, if you do a little research or get to know those islands in person, you will be delighted with everything you see.

Bermuda Islands are a heavenly place, where you will find turquoise and crystalline beaches, pink sand and an ideal climate for summer. 

They are located in the archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean and were colonized by the British. However, the name comes from the Spanish Juan Bermúdez who was the person who discovered it. 

And from the charm and natural wonders of these islands, Bermies brand was born.

What is Bemies?

Bermies is an entrepreneurship created by a young Argentine, named Uki Deane, who is a person full of enthusiasm and passion. The name of Bermies is associated with Bermuda Islands, which are the main inspiration for this business idea. 

Bermies logo is a tribute to the beautiful place of Bermuda Islands. The logo was created with the map of this place. Composed of 150 islands distributed around the Sargasso Sea.


How do Bermies show their products based on Bermuda Islands?

Bermies products are based on the manufacture of ecological and recyclable swim trunks. We use decomposed plastic containers to create polyester strips. Bermies adventure began with men's swim trunks and later, over time, included women and children

Men's swim trunks are comfortable, breathable and quick-drying shorts. The manufacture of this garment is also associated with Bermuda Islands, since, in this place, thanks to the constant climate, its use is very common.

These shorts are called "Bermuda shorts". Its name is in honor of the Bermuda Islands. Because, at the time of the colonization, the British military, overwhelmed by the heat of the place, cut the pants to be more comfortable.

Due to its great success, it quickly became a trend and spread around all the islands among residents until it reached tourists. Today, shorts are a garment for daily use in summer due to their freshness, versatility and practicality.

Bermies offer all that with their swim trunks and shorts in honor to Bermuda. 


How are the designs of Bermies products?

The sun, the beach, the sand, tropical climate, flora and fauna found in Bermuda Islands, you will see them reflected in the prints with which Bermies swim trunks are designed.

You can find swim trunks with prints of fish, birds, tropical fruits such as bananas and watermelons. As well as simpler designs such as solid colors and stripes. Bermies also has these garments for women and children, and you can combine swim trunks with your partner or family, with our matching collection.

Uki Deane made sure that every detail of Bermies is associated with the Bermuda Islands. As well as his energy, his adventurous, fun attitude and his love for the beaches involved him in this project.

Bermies growth has been so great that a percentage of his profits go to the maintenance of the oceans. So, when you get a Bermies you also are helping to keep the oceans clean.