New Season. Matching father and son bathing suits, fun for everyone


A perfect way to show your love for fashion and a fun personality in these times of adventure, the sun and beach with your son is wearing the new Season 2022 Matching father and son bathing suits from Bermies. 

Imagine taking to the next level a trip to the beach in the company of family and friends, wearing matching bathing suits that show the great bond of love and the joy of being together in a new summer adventure. The boys will undoubtedly be the most enthusiastic in showing all the amazing designs.

That is why Bermies brings the new 2022 collection of matching father and son bathing suits that will give you not only comfort but also fun and trendy designs:

Tropical fruits

If you want to wear a style full of color and joy, the tropical fruit design is the best alternative for you guys. The quintessential fruit that stimulates fun and sweetness is the pineapple without a doubt.

With that idea in mind, Bermies shows you a fusion of light tones with modern prints of this incredible fruit. This combination will make wearing matching bathing suits an experience full of color and good vibes, a very joyful way to show the affection between father and son.



The style and love for fashion is something that you can share with your son at any time. There is no better option than a classic that suits your personality and shows others the great connection that exists between the two.

A striped swimsuit epitomizes a classic style that will always look good no matter what the occasion. The diverse color palette that Bermies offers you in this striped swimsuit style gives you endless options to create matching outfits with your child.



If we talk about summer, vacations, the sun, beach and fun, there is no other city than Miami. A flamingo print swim bath expresses the fun and warmth of Miami City in every way. If you want to show that you and your son are on the same page, the perfect option is wearing the matching father and son swimsuits with this print.

With this style, you guys will be the most fashionable boys for any occasion. You cannot stop trying this unique and fabulous design. It also represents the perfect gift to share a father and son outing and captivate everyone's eyes.



When the style of the father and son is full of freshness and like for fun, the floral print is the perfect expression of their bond and love for fashion. Pastel colors with this print will be the perfect combination to going anywhere.

Wearing a matching father and son bathing suit with this design will show your love for nature, so any moment together will become a great adventure that will last over time.


Have fun with your son, trying on these different styles of matching father and son bathing suits. That way you will be able to strengthen the bonds of love and trust that keeps you together.

That love for your son is also an expression of fashion and trend that should always last over time and go with you anywhere. Turn moments into incredible memories in the company of your little one.