Five different options of matching swim trunks for Father's Day


In June we have Father's Day, it is a perfect time to express all your love to that little person who has been by your side no matter what. What better gift on that special day than to wear matching swim trunks to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sand. It will be the perfect combination of togetherness and fun.

When it comes time to dress, we not only show our style but also express our feelings. That is why, if you and you are lovers of fashion, fun and summer days. There is no doubt, the best gift is to show all that passion as a perfect duo.

Here we will show you five options that will take Father's Day to the next level in style and fun.

Matching swim trunks with classic style

Classic models never get old. If you want to show an avant-garde and comfortable look at the same time. The best option are swim trunks with a 5 to 6-inch inseam, in dark colors like blue or black. Perfect to enjoy Father's Day in style without neglecting comfort. 

Another alternative is matching swim trunks with a striped design. A classic that will give you and your son a touch of elegance. A good option to dress and share a delicious barbecue or pool party, on this special day. 


Matching swim trunks for a riskier style 

If you want to be the center of attention this Father's Day, the ideal option is shorter matching swim trunks. With this option they can take the risk of showing a little more of the legs without leaving behind the comfort and security of dressing.

Highlight this look with matching prints or vibrant colors. A combination that will not go unnoticed, You and your son will be the most daring of the celebration. Floral style, flamingo or zebra print. Any of these options, now everyone turns to see.


Fruit Pattern Matching Swim trunks 

If you are looking for something more tropical that allows you to enjoy that sweet day in the company of your son. Fruit-style swim trunks are the perfect alternative for this occasion. There is nothing better than sharing Father's Day on the beach with matching pineapple print swim trunks.

Another very cheerful and colorful design is the banana print, it shows the funniest and most enthusiastic side for this Father's Day. Something cooler if it stops being fun is the watermelon design. Dare to wear these fruit styles in combination with your son. 


Matching swim trunks with color change 

You want something innovative and fun to share with your little one. How about matching swim trunks with color change? They will be the coolest duo of the entire celebration.

This style of swim trunks changes color when they get in contact with water. They can be the perfect complement for any occasion at the beach. Vibrant tones like purple, pink, yellow or orange will highlight the personality of both.


Matching swim trunks with hybrid style 

For surf lovers who want to share that special day with dad. A good alternative is matching swim trunks with hybrid style. These boardshorts have an 8-inch inseam that feature an elastic waistband to keep up with you while you are moving. 

They will be able to be the masters of the waves and enjoy, feeling comfortable and safe with every move. Celebrate not only the love for waves and family but also for the passion for fashion.

Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with that person who has been with you throughout good and worse.

Do not stop sharing this special day and every day with your son, Bermies gives you a lot of options to celebrate dad in style.