Don’t miss the opportunity of matching swimwear with your kids

Matching Father & Son

When spending time with your family in those summer vacations or on any sunny occasions, you want to make it as special as possible. And there are many ways for you to do it!

One of them can seem cliché for some people, but actually, it is not. The truth is that matching swimwear with your kids creates a pretty bond of deep connection with your family. And this is something that will be remembered in many ways both in pictures and in memories.

As parents, we sometimes see our sons and daughters as if they were still kids, even though they reach the age of 13 or 14 years old. We need to remember that at this age, they might not feel comfortable when matching swimwear, and they won’t enjoy it as we are expecting. And the idea is that they enjoy their vacations, as well.

Matching swimwear is better when your kids are still kids, and they will have a smile on their face at any moment!  

So we invite you to embrace this experience and not miss the opportunity of matching swimwear with your kids!

Matching father & son swim trunks

As a father, you want your son to follow your steps, so matching your swim trunks will ensure that he does. We know that you’re a man of style and elegance, so we want your son to embrace that good taste for fashion at an early age. 

Remember that you need to consider your son’s opinions as well, depending on the age that he has. 

Young kids prefer swim trunks with stamps of animals, fruits, and objects, so you can choose the ideal of these three alternatives for him. Maybe ask him what’s his favorite animal or fruit, and choose a swim trunk that can match the answer.

Try to also look for other designs that kids will love, such as dinosaurs, sports or images from video games or cartoons.

For this, it is better that you take your son to a father-son day and go shopping. As we are talking about kids, they will feel excited when they see the designs in swim trunks that they like.

It is important to consider the idea of choosing more than just one swimwear, and ask if there’re combinations available for father and son.

Black and blue are ideal colors for a good combination of father and son, so you can opt for wearing these. If that’s not the case, you can go for clearer colors that will make you enjoy those valuable moments with your son with joy and happiness, such as white, cyan or beige. A good way of picking a good color is by asking your son: what’s your favorite color? 

At Bermies we have a lot of combinations that you can try out with your son, in order for you to develop a stronger bond between father and son.

The combination of father and son is trending nowadays, and this means that it will be easy for you to find some good swim trunks that both you and your son like. Who knows? Maybe, this will turn into a special tradition that you can have every summer.

And don’t hesitate because of the fact that you’ll be wearing swim trunks with stamps, because when you’re with your son, both of you will cause a great sensation.

In fact, when your son gets to a certain age and starts being doubtful about matching swimwear with you, you’ll miss it. 

Or well, the possibility of your son embracing matching swimwear can happen, as well. Because the love between a father and a son is more important than anything! 

So, go there and match your swimwear with your son!